LACONIA — Laconia Police Chief Mathew Canfield confirmed that the biker involved in last night’s motor vehicle collision was killed, and his female passenger is in critical condition after being airlifted to Concord Hospital.

“They did transport him, but I think he was dead on scene,” Canfield said. “They certainly tried.” On Thursday night, a Kia Sorento driven by Paul S. Noyes, collided with a motorcycle on Weirs Blvd, throwing both riders over a guard rail near Prescott Drive. Noyes was treated for minor injuries then arrested by the Laconia Police Department.

“Initial indications do indicate the SUV crossed into the south bound travel lane lane and collided with the motorcyclists,” Canfield said, adding that the full investigation will take much more time before a complete picture of the incident is available.

Noyes, 27, of Laconia was charged with a felony DWI, a misdemeanor charge of operating after suspension, and a felony charge for operating after suspension resulting in a death.

This was not Noyes’ first brush with operating a vehicle under the influence.

“He was required to have an alcohol interlock device and he was operating a vehicle not equipped with an interlock device,” Canfield said.

The motorcyclists' name has not yet been released, pending notification of next of kin. Canfield did share that both bikers appeared to be from Massachusetts, likely traveling for Motorcycle Week.

The scene of the crash was awash with local police, EMS, onlookers and state troopers. The motorcycle lay cut in half, and the Kia Sorento lay on its side with a smashed windshield.

Noyes was seen sitting by the guard rail and the rear half of the motorcycle, dazed as first responders attempted to revive the biker with chest compressions and treat his passenger’s injuries.

Despite the death of the motorcyclist, Canfield stated that this year’s bike week had been relatively safe in Laconia compared to other years.

“We’ve had some accidents [in Laconia] but the ones we’ve had so far have not been of a serious nature until this one last night,” Canfield said, but added that the department’s goal is to have zero fatalities.

There have been other severe accidents outside of Laconia, including one fatality in Moultonborough that occurred Wednesday.

“It highlights the danger of travel on the road ways and we’d certainly encourage people to drive responsibly, look twice for motorcycles and operate within proper speed limits as well,” Canfield said of the Weirs Blvd collision. “Our goal is for people to enjoy the week but to do so safely, and if people are going to drink, the responsible use of alcohol.”

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