Welcome to the Digital Public Square

Welcome to The Laconia Daily Sun’s Digital Public Square 1.0, a place for civil and thoughtful dialogue, and an experiment in developing the technology and processes to better understand our differences and try to find common ground. The variety that characterizes our community is one of our greatest assets. We differ in our facts, our principles, our objectives and our views of how the world works. Listening to each other to fully understand and appreciate such differences, before we respond, will improve our civic dialogue. Please keep in mind that collectively we are responsible for the topics and tone of this forum.

To be consistent with & limited to our purpose of creating a place for civil & thoughtful dialogue, postings should:

● Be relevant & helpful to constructive dialogue by being focused, well supported & easily understood
● Be respectful of all participants & of their points of view
● Invite continuing dialogue to clarify each other’s perspectives, listen to understand & then to pursue the search for common ground, if possible, or least, common understanding of the sources of our differences
● Exclude commercial solicitation
● Exclude tone & substance that would damage individual or group’s reputations or the image of The Laconia Daily Sun's Digital Public Square
● Respect private & protected information & intellectual property

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Issues and news on race and racism have been prominent in The Laconia Daily Suns’ news coverage, columns, and letters to the editors over the last few months driven both by national and local events and a continuing debate on critical race theory in education. They prompted me to wonder “Wha…