GILFORD — School Superintendent Kirk Beitler is maintaining his innocence following his arrest on assault charges, according to his lawyer.

Beitler was arrested last month at his home in Concord on charges of domestic violence simple assault, and simple assault, according to court records. The arrest occurred on July 7. He pleaded innocent to both charges and was released on his own recognizance pending a court appearance scheduled for Oct. 19, according to a bail order filed in the Sixth Circuit Court-District Division-Concord.

Documents filed in connection with the case name the accused as James K. Beitler, and on one document he signed his name as James Kirk Beitler.

“While I will not comment factually on the allegations at this time, I cannot stress enough that Kirk maintains his innocence and should not have been charged with an offense,” Beitler’s attorney, Jesse Friedman, said in a statement emailed Monday.

Police went to Beitler’s Concord home just before midnight July 6 after receiving a call about a problem with “an intoxicated woman,” the local news platform Concord Patch reported over the weekend.

The criminal complaint alleges Beitler struck a woman who is either a family member or a member of Beitler’s household.

Under the terms of a protection order, Beitler is not allowed to have direct contact with the alleged victim unless there is another family member or adult close by.

“Kirk Beitler is a good man,” Friedman said in his statement. “He has been married to his wife Christine for 26 years and is raising three outstanding daughters. The events of July 6th are a private family matter and entail sensitive issues that should not be the cause for public discourse or disparage Kirk's character in any way.”

The agenda for Monday’s Gilford School Board meeting included a nonpublic session to discuss a personnel matter that could potentially include an investigation into charges against a School Department employee. It was unknown if it is related to the Beitler incident.

“It would be any family's worst nightmare to reach out for help and have the events unfold the way they did,” Friedman said of the situation. “In the meantime, to protect the privacy of all involved, we will have no further comment until the case is resolved.”

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