To The Daily Sun,

Senator Warren, as Democratic presidential candidate, would be Trump's dream come true. Democrats: Before you think of a nomination vote for the senator, think carefully about electability.

I am an independent voter, firmly in the "Anyone but Trump" field. Personally I have no gripe with Elizabeth Warren. HOWEVER, I have been around long enough to remember our idealistic support, long ago, of Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern — an antiwar, genuine military hero, appealing and soft-spoken gentleman — versus incumbent, pro-war President Nixon during the height of the widely unpopular American war against Vietnam.

We trusted McGovern to carry our banner. To end the war. Nixon trounced McGovern, 49 states to one. The war went on.

Consider: With all due respect, will Middle America — where the next presidential election will be decided — vote for president, and vote to be lectured to for the next four years, a smug, elitist, shrill, unattractive old Harvard professor? I don't think so.

When I held an appointment to the Harvard faculty, at one event, a visiting professor from Argentina addressed the faculty: "You realize, of course, that you are the laughing stock of the Western World." 'Nough said.

Michael Harris


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