To The Daily Sun,

I love you Bob Meade, with your 1960’s Brooks Brothers suit, and your sanctimonious put down on all public policies. Being a designated problem identifier is hardly a skill. The implication of everything you write is that the government screwed up and getting them out of the way is the savior of all.

Let’s take Social Security for instance. It’s underfunded so let’s get rid of it and go back to having everyone over the age of 60 live with the kids; or better yet, live in some cold water flat or back country cabin waiting to die. Living too long has been the problem right. So, let’s fix it; eliminate Social Security! That fixes the Medicare problem too. No Social Security, no car, no transport to the doctor, die sooner, Medicare expenses fall. Too many people anyway, right?

The private medical system that you are so proud of that has, through the AMA, for years limited entry into the profession so it can continue to cater to the rich while enriching themselves. And the corporate hospitals that are gouging the public for gross profits under the guise of “nonprofit” can go on their merry way. In Laconia, for god sake, you cannot have a baby at the private hospital. It is not profitable. Great system! And by the way, insurance offers no benefits to the process of delivering health care. It only meters it while taking profits and providing nothing tangible. And you hate bureaucracy. Not really, Bob because if you did you would not like health insurance because that’s all that it is.

Your love of the “market” merely disguises your belief that some are more deserving than others and that what makes you “deserving” is money. If you cannot buy it you don’t deserve it. Right? The market is a very poor producer of public goods and services. Any economist will tell you that. That’s why there are government solutions imperfect or not. Maybe you just think that people don’t deserve life after 60 or reasonable health. Fess up, or get off your high horse and get a pair of blue jeans for crying out loud.

Tim Pease 

Gilmanton Iron Works

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Bob and the GOP sycophants in this area would elect the Ebenezer Scrooge from the BEGINNING of "A Christmas Carol" simply for his comment about the "surplus population". They don't care about those who need assistance. Yet while The Ancient One (Mr. Meade) draws his Social Security, he will criticize everyone else. Trump has brought out their hypocrisy loud and clear.


Mr. Vervaeke . . . You don't know what you don't know. I will gladly match my record of assisting others with you or anyone else. Contact me at my g-mail address and I'll send you my "Volunteer Resume". And, if you have done more, I'll gladly buy you lunch.


Such arrogant republican responses Bobby Babe!


You're out of your depth, Bob. I coach people dealing with depression. I'm also a certified life coach. Now - granted - I'm nowhere NEAR as old as you. You probably volunteered on the Titanic. But I'll gladly match wits with you any day. In the meantime I still work, and raise kids. You're whole "I'm better than you" schtick is way outdated - just like you. Maybe you and Moonie can have a romantic Republican luncheon. Invite other Trump sycophants. Have a marvelous time.




I see you're still hiding. What are you afraid of?


What do you care?! It bugs YOU! Get over yourself Bob and save it for your followers of doom.

Alan Moon

Tell us please what goods or services the government creates? Where does government get the money to do anything? When someone enters the work force, they enter into a contract with government to pay into the social security system in exchange for benefits when we retire. How do we do that? By providing the goods and services that we all need and purchase. You seem to be more than a little confused


Thank you Alan. It seems like the left thinks having $36 trillion in unfunded liabilities on a program used by 15% of the population is not a problem . . . they think it's okay to add in the other 85%. What a gift to the grandchildren who are going to get stuck with the bill.


Oh look you found a buddy to agree with you.

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