To The Daily Sun,

Face masks. To wear or not to wear? That is the question. Face masks are not a political directive. It is necessary to keep this COVID19 under control. Some writers are now indicating that face masks are also a "sign of respect," respect for human life, its dignity, and advancing a way of life we all long to return to. But this will not happen unless we all do this together.

Governor Sununu needs to stop advocating this business of "Live Free or Die," as current conditions warrant our using the face masks. Face masks ensure our freedoms, but those who either refuse to wear them lead our path to die. Many immune compromised individuals, such as this writer with multiple myeloma, can have decent quality of life. Sununu's actions or lack of, is both irresponsible and reprehensible; which in turn exposes all of us to the virus in the long run.

It is important to that those who continue refusing to wear these masks need to understand, these actions are akin to being "attempted murder" because that is just what it is. This is a lack of respect for all of us who are trying to mitigate this medical crisis. It is not socialism, but it is a social responsibility to wear them.

Certain individuals may not be able to wear these masks due to their medical issues. As such, they should consult their medical doctors to obtain a "certificate" that they will be compromised by the mask.

Masks are recommended by multiple agencies, such as the CDC, the American Medical Association. Dr. Fauci, our nation's pandemic expert, recommends the same. Dr. Redford (CDC) indicates the need for the masks. This virus has the potential to literally end human existence, if we do not start being safe now. Multiple bipartisan politicians further support use of the mask.

Trump administration staff wear masks. (Finally, Trump wore one too.) It is not about you Mr. Trump, nor it is not about you, Mr. Sununu, it is about us.

The economy will not move forward until this virus is controlled. Workers are not just being laid off, they are also too sick to work. Without the workers, no one will be available to make the products, this economy needs to survive and benefit all of us. Politicians need to end this bitter divide, and work together to help us reign in this deadly virus. A face mask is a social issue, not political; it's about all of us. Without all of us, the economy will cease to be. It's time to develop a healthy way of living to ensure our capability to rejoin the economy once more.

The need for preemptive policies must be developed in light of increasing cases south of New England. Already Pennsylvania and New Jersey are proactively commencing a halt on opening their economies. We must do the same. Lack of leadership from Mr. Trump and his allies indicate we must do this on our own.

Bob Joseph, Jr.,

New Hampton

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