To The Daily Sun,

Vietnam, never Again! Afghanistan, worse if possible!

I write for myself. Not that other people care, agree or do not. I must clear my head or continue to carry feelings I can’t shake.

To read or hear and see the pictures from Afghanistan are more horrible than Vietnam, I believe, because so unnecessary!

Twenty years there, the writing on the wall clear even to us reading and trying to remove fact from fiction. A year or better to get out. Start rigging vehicles with material that with a push of a button and Boom, Gone!

Wait until full and don’t spread the word! Start moving people out along with arms and other military equipment not being used. We know there was much stored that would not be used by us that may very well be used against us! Damn,who is in charge?

Listen to the State Department on TV. Talking monkeys reading from prompters!

My Uncle Sam has lost all courage! That is representation of Congress, most Cowards! Our troops are at a loss. We sit and discuss the economy, healthcare, infrastructure! The Main Concern is our standing in the world, the trust others have in us. Not the boots but the suits!

We have a group of leftists ladies referred to by the media as the "Squad?" Disgusting! Group of crazy commies led by a hand- and arm-wavering senator from VT!

The least we can do is pray for our America and hope courage steps fourth!

Do I feel better? Not really. Lighter perhaps.

Bob Jones


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We had the good times, they created plenty of weak men and women. We are in the hard times, and I'm doing everything I can to make sure every boy and girl is carved from stone. We'll bring back the good times, but will also die off and they will allow the weak to regain control. Cyclical nature of life.

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