LACONIA — A man found dead in an apartment on Blueberry Lane was killed by blunt and sharp force injury to the head, the state Medical Examiner’s office has determined.

He was identified by police as Wilfred Guzman, 57. Dr. Christine James of the Medical Examiner’s office ruled that the manner of death was homicide.

Guzman was an employee of the Staples store in Tilton, said Meghan McCarrick, a spokeswoman for the company. She declined to release further information about him.

His wife, Natalia A. Guzman, put up a Facebook post, including a picture of Wilfred Guzman wearing a shirt with the Staples logo, and a wedding photograph.  

"I don't believe that you go too fast and leave me alone on this earth," she wrote in the post. "Rest in peace my beloving husband, I'm gonna miss you, and I promise you that my love for you will always even it you're not here with me anymore."

Police Chief Matt Canfield said the man's son called police after being unable to get into the apartment. The body was found about 12:30 p.m. Friday after an officer arrived and made entry to the unit.

Canfield said he knew of no previous calls to the apartment. There were also no signs of a robbery, drug use or forced entry.

“It does appear to be a random thing at this point,” he said. “There are no suspects.

“It’s definitely unusual. Certainly not a common occurrence.”

The attorney general's office was involved in the investigation as is standard in homicide cases.

Kate Spiner, a spokeswoman for that office, said Monday afternoon she had no update on the case.

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