PLYMOUTH — Partnering the specialized orthopedics of Concord Orthopaedics with Plymouth Orthopedics & Sports Medicine introduces a new level of orthopedic care to central New Hampshire.

“Our patients are the focus of all we do,” said Dr. Victor Gennaro of Plymouth Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. “This partnership offers them local access to specialty care, further enhancing the quality of orthopedic care we provide throughout the region.”

Building upon the comprehensive orthopedic services long provided by Plymouth Orthopedics & Sports Medicine to Plymouth and surrounding communities, Concord Orthopaedics adds board-certified specialty care for total joints, trauma, hand and wrist, pediatrics, and sports medicine.

"I appreciate the opportunity to take care of patients close to their homes,” said Dr. Sean Burns of Concord Orthopedics, who specializes in hip and knee replacement. “Not having to drive a distance for medical care is a huge plus."

Concord Orthopaedics’ surgeons Burns, Duffy, Klingler, Kurtz, and Noordsij see patients locally at Plymouth Orthopedic & Sports Medicine and conduct surgery at Speare Memorial Hospital.

Beyond the enthusiasm of providing much needed orthopedic care locally, the Concord surgeons enjoy getting to know their new community.

“I jumped at the chance to come to Speare Memorial Hospital,” said Dr. Burns. “It is great to work in a college town full of so many wonderful people. I look forward to becoming a part of the community.”

Accepting new patients and providing same-day care, appointments can be scheduled at 603-536-1565.

Office visits are at Plymouth Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, 103 Boulder Point Drive, and surgery is conducted at Speare Memorial Hospital, just off I-95.

For more information about Speare Memorial Hospital, visit

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