There were 476 single family residential homes available in the fourteen Lakes Region communities covered by this report as of June 1, 2020. The average asking price was $671,733 and the median price point was $364,195. This inventory level represents about a four-month supply of homes on the market. Last June we had 801 homes on the market representing a six-month supply of homes for sale.

The Lakes Region Professional Porch Sitters Chapter 603 gathered earlier this week for its “Thank God we are opening back up” meeting. We decided to hold the event on the lawn at my house because last month we tried to do the proper social distancing thing at six feet with masks and nobody could understand what anyone was saying. I figured that if we were seven feet apart with no masks we could stand up and yell at each other to be clearly understood. This way we could also have more attendees at the meeting. Dirk Davenport, Bubba Gunter, Travis D. Coletrain, Little Stevie Prestone, Rollie Rollins, John “Leadbellie” Goode, Ainsley Grantham, and Meagan Bowman were in attendance. Megan was T-minus any minute to give birth to her first child. I was surprised she showed up, but she knew this was an important meeting. We all took a seat under the old oak tree to get some shade and conduct our historic meeting. We had a table full of snacks, porch crawler beverages, and a strawberry smoothie for Meagan.

Travis started off by, “Well, there’re gonna be coming, that’s for sure!”

“Who’s that?” Little Stevie asked.

“All those buyers from the big cities that are sick of the lockdowns and riots, that’s who!” replied Bubba.

“That’s right,” said Travis “A recent Lending Tree article says that 53% of homebuyers are now more likely to buy a home in the next twelve months because of the COVID-19 pandemic and that was before the riots. It is probably way more than that now! And those buyers are likely to move out of the cities in Massachusetts and New York where the virus was worse or where they had the riots. They’ll all be moving to the country!”

Just then an ambulance pulls up my driveway and parks.

“What’s up, Doc? Are they finally coming for you, Dirk?” asked Rollie.

“No, no.” I chuckled. “I knew that they had some spare time, so I asked them to stand by instead of their shop for a little while ‘cause Meagan is gonna need to get to the hospital any time now. Don’t want to take any chances on my watch.”

Meagan turned a little red but showed her appreciation with the expected one fingered hand salute.

“Yup, and you know it is so expensive to live in the city in one of those tiny apartments with the taxes and all. People are going to rethink what is important to them. They found out they can work from home, so home might just as well be in the country as anywhere else. They can get out of the traffic, the commute, enjoy the quiet, and feel safe.” said Ainsley.

“We live here because of the way of life we have. Look at Southern NH. It is more like Massachusetts than NH now! I know we depend on people from down there to buy vacation homes and help our economy, but we don’t want the fabric of what makes the Lakes Region so great to change for the worse!” Meagan added.

“Some of my best friends are from Massachusetts. They come up here to get away from the things down there that we don’t like. The congestion, the crime, the rat race. They really appreciate what we have and hopefully they won’t try to change anything. But sometimes it only takes a few.” I said.

“Well, maybe anyone that wants to buy a house here from out of state needs to take a test and then swear an oath of allegiance to our way of life. We could make the test real hard with lots of little-known redneck facts so that they won’t be able to pass easily. Maybe we would require them to join the NAR!” Dirk said.

“You mean you want them to join the National Association of REALTORS®?” asked Leadbellie.

“No, I meant the National Association of Riflemen.” Replied Dirk.

“You are a wingnut,” I said. “You mean the NRA…the National Rifle Association!”

“NAR, NRA. It’s easy to get confused!” replied Dick. Just then a squirrel in the tree dropped an acorn on Dirk’s head. That happens to him a lot…

“Well, the National Association of REALTORS® does a great job in promoting and protecting home ownership and the National Rifle Association does an equally great job protecting our Second Amendment rights and gun ownership…in a way protecting our very own homes as well.” I said.

“But you know, they need to do more.’ Injected Rollie. “I just saw that Warner Bros. is taking Elmer Fudd’s and Yosemite Sam’s guns away from them. It’s unbelievable but it’s true!”

“Yup, sure is. They said they will still let Elmer use knives and dynamite to go after Bugs! It’s alright to slice and dice or blow Bugs Bunny up , but you can’t use a gun because it’s too violent!” Leadbellie added.

“Well, I guess….Bbbbbbbb…that’s all folks!” Travis did his best Porkie Pig imitation.


Please feel free to visit to learn more about the Lakes Region real estate market and sign up for our monthly newsletter. Data compiled using the NEREN MLS system. Towns covered in this report are those in Belknap County plus Moultonborough, Tuftonboro, and Wolfeboro. Roy Sanborn is a sales associate at Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty. He can be reached at 603-677-7012

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