To The Daily Sun,

President Trump has announced great news for our country! The agreement he negotiated with Mexico.

(in his words, a “very successful agreement”) will, according to his announcement, “greatly reduce, oreliminate, illegal immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States”. Mission accomplished.

With the southern border now secure without the need for the extremely expensive (but “beautiful”) wall, the vast sums of money being saved can now be redirected to improve life in the countries from which themigrants have been coming. Mexico will be able to work with the United States in this effort; both Mexico and the United States will benefit from increased trade with the Central American countries whose economies will improve with the new aid. The desperate and dangerous immigrant journeys will be reduced as those countries offer more hope and less despair for their citizens.

With this problem solved, the United States can now turn its attention to a focus on a health care system that works for all.

Ruth Larson


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