To The Daily Sun,

Conservative contributors to this forum continually perseverate over Clinton and Obama, and wrongfully attribute “Trump-hate” to the loss of the 2016 presidential election. This slanted interpretation of events is meant to distract from the circus in the White House, with Trump as the ringmaster.

Democrats/liberals are not so much upset that their candidate didn’t win, but upset that the POTUS has been continually assaulting the rule of law. He continues with his lies and conspiracy theories in the court of public opinion, even if it erodes the civic foundation that America’s democratic institutions are built upon. As we are well aware, he has menacingly suggested that the media, “Is the enemy of the American people.” He has attacked the legitimacy of our courts in attempts to undermine one of the bedrock principles of democracy. Almost on a daily, he is responsible for a deluge of tweets disparaging the Justice Department, C.I.A. and the F.B.I. concerning the Russia investigation. When our intelligence agencies have conclusive proof of a foreign nation interfering in our electoral process, he shows contempt for the truth and calls it a “hoax”. What Democrats/Liberals “hate”, is what this POTUS is doing to the fabric of our great nation.

The next time Republicans/conservatives want to bemoan the unfair treatment they feel Trump is receiving, they need to look in the mirror and do a little research. They were the ones that established the most recent tone of resistance during the eight years of the past administration.

In his most recent submission to this forum, Mr. Ewing regales us with the horrors of the blood-bath being unleashed across our nation by illegal immigrants. My attention was drawn to his statement that, “Every day an average of five people (DHS members) are killed by illegal aliens in our country” — this would equate to 1,825 agents. Having a healthy skepticism of anything submitted by Ewing, I researched the DHS website. From their information, and subsequent research at other sites, to include Fox News and CNN, it appears that the law enforcement community suffered between 144 and 150 deaths in 2018 — a far cry from the numbers Ewing is proposing. Of those deaths, 50 were traffic related, three heart attacks, and a number of other non-violent incidents. There were 52 gun related deaths, four of which were accidental. While any death is to be lamented, Ewing is so far out of line with reality, he does his credibility a disservice and one would have to question any statistics he might put forth — you must remember, he and the POTUS are trying to sell the wall.

The total number of migrants arrested — people caught between official crossings — at the U.S. border is near its lowest level in decades. Last year’s arrests were down 76 percent from a peak of more than 1.6 million in 2000 — it is a fraction of what it used to be. Immigrants, legal or illegal, despite what the POTUS claims, have not caused an increase in violent crime. Reputable research sites have found that conviction rates of illegals is 16 percent lower than native-born citizens. As far as drugs crossing into the U.S. from our southern border with Mexico, Trump’s own agency, the DEA, finds that the highest concentration of illegal drugs passes through legitimate ports of entry.

A bipartisan group of 58 former senior national security officials have issued a statement that “there is no factual basis” for Trump’s proclamation of a national emergency that would necessitate the building of his medieval wall. So, who desperately needs this “wall”? According to Trump’s political advisors Coulter, Hannity and Limbaugh, Trump desperately does. His political base is letting him know that if he doesn’t produce on the wall his presidency will be a joke, he will have amused his followers for a while, scammed the American people, but he’ll have no legacy whatsoever. This is what Trump’s wall is all about — not protecting the nation but building a legacy.

Robert Miller


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Robert, that was a really good letter :-)

Alan Moon

Vervaeke if you really cared about crime, you would be in favor of enforcing the laws against criminals instead of targeting regular people like gun owners.


Wow still don’t get it do you and if that’s what you think, good luck!



Alan Moon

An average of five US citizens are killed by people who are not supposed to be here, That's the fact. Then count the US citizens who are robbed, raped or OD on the drugs brought in by the illegals who are not supposed to be here. If one of those victims was some one you loved, would you think that was an emergency? The wall wouldn't keep them all out but it would be a good start. By the way, funding for 200 miles of wall has been found and construction has begun but you won't hear that on CNN.


And how many are killed by gun mongers like yourself who are supposed to be here? Far more are killed by citizens with guns - whether purposely or thru negligence. When will you stand up to fix that problem? And the numbers you are quoting have been debunked before since they came from Steve King of Iowa. So please - share your sources. The drugs brought in by "illegals" has been proven untrue since most drugs come thru the border art major traffic points, hidden inside large trucks - under fruit or coffee or other perishables.
As to your wall? The ONLY construction that has started has been repairs to the existing fence. Under Trump not a single yard of new fence or wall has been accomplished. Please - get the facts or get out.


Fake statistics, Alan. Nobody but the Trump base believes you. Fake fake fake!

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