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Republican strategist Carl Rove recently likened our Dear Leader's attack on the press to Stalin's use of the term, "enemy of the people" because he claims the media is the enemy of the people. Even Nikita Khrushchev's granddaughter wrote in 2017 that he uses the term like Stalin did.

The term has a history. In 1789, French revolutionaries used the term to attack opponents. As opposition to the revolution mounted, the term took on a lethal nature. In 1794, a law set up a tribunal to punish the enemies of the people. Political crimes were punishable by death. These crimes included "spreading false news." During the Russian Revolution, after Lenin took over Pravda, he said that the (French) Jacobin terror against "enemies of the people" was "instructive." When Lenin died in 1924 and Stalin took over, he expanded the scope of those enemies dramatically. But after Stalin's death, Khrushchev delivered a speech in 1956, "On the Cult of Personality and Its Consequences." The speech shocked and confused Soviets because so many were deluded sycophants of "the genius of Stalin." Stable Genius! He called for the end of the use of "enemies of the people" because it was purposely crafted to cause the "physical annihilation" and "liquidation" of Stalin's enemies. Khrushchev accused Stalin of being more interested in his own cult than the Soviet people. He said, "The cult of the individual acquired such monstrous size chiefly because Stalin himself, using all conceivable methods, supported the glorification of his own person."

Sound familiar? He accused Stalin of "self-glorification and lacking in the most elementary modesty." Sound familiar? As Penn State's Russian studies professor Mitchell Ornstein wrote, the term "meant that you were subhuman and entirely expendable." In a 1957 speech, China's Mao declared, "the social forces and groups which resist the socialist revolution and are hostile to or sabotage socialist construction are all enemies of the people."

"Lugenpresse" means lying press in German. It was a major component of Joseph Goebbels' Nazi propaganda machine. The term was used earlier by Catholics during Germany's revolution in 1848 to attack the rising liberal press. With the Nazis, the Lugenpresse became one of the enemies of the people. When the Nazis took power in 1933, they controlled less than 3 percent of Germany's 4,700 papers. With the elimination of Germany's multi-party system, the Nazis closed down hundreds of papers due to their connection to "outlawed political parties." The Nazis immediately seized the printing plants, headquarters, and equipment of Jews, liberals, Social Democrats, Communists, feminists, homosexuals, unions, family planning groups and many more. Steve Earle's dream! Knowing they faced imprisonment or execution, owners and journalists quickly fled the country en masse.

Dear Leader's personality cult of useful idiots is obsessed with "fake news," with some even shouting "Lugenpresse" at his redneck-hillbilly Nuremberg rallies. And several right-wing extremist leaders and groups have even called for the "physical annihilation" of his critics. Dear Leader has even endorsed John Frederick's right-wing radio show that promotes Michael Scheuer's call to violence against Dear Leader's critics. Scheuer has for years advocated the right of, and the approaching “necessity” for, “armed rebellion” by citizens seeking to “end the tyranny of their elected representatives,” and listed people cast as “tyrants” and “expendables” whom Trump voters should prepare to “eliminate” by stockpiling arms and ammunition." Lists! Enemies lists!

James Veverka


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Hitler was right about Jewish power. Watch 'The Greatest Story Never Told'.


Omg you are SO far off!!!!

Alan Moon

You have this all twisted backwards James. The evil dictators you mention were all Socialists, Marxists and Communists, who are admired by many of the democrat leftist today. In fact, trouble makers like you would have been the first ones to disappear. President Trump is above all, a Capitalist, the true reason why you hate him so much. Your Socialist/Communist heroes actually killed over 100 million of their own people in the 20th century. But you know that. Now we have the new national socialist democrats. Same old ideas in a shiny new package. This can not end well.


For you and your far right fantasies it will not.


Alan - you only know your guns and clearly NOT history. Your bias and fear drive you. You care about no one other than yourself. Trump is a fascist wearing a capitalist's mask.




Yer kidding, right?


The documentary, Enemies of the People, was about Pol Pot and the Cambodian genocide. Chile's Pinochet had his enemies list. Oh, don't forget Tricky Dic!

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