To The Daily Sun,

After reading the letter titled “Study of modern-day systemic racism is long overdue,” I felt that I could not let it go unchallenged.

The author starts out claiming that a previous letter to the editor writer had stunning misunderstandings of American history, then proceeds to express his own version of history. He claims the “Civil War” was fought to end slavery and that Gen. Robert E. Lee was a terrorist and a traitor. If the author would care to read about the causes of the war, he would see that it was primarily about money, as are most wars. The southern states were opposed to the overreaching centralized federal government (hence the name Confederate: con (anti) and federate (related to federal) and the excessive tariffs that used southern money to fund northern infrastructure, especially President Lincoln’s railroad buddies. Thirteen states in the south presented letters of secession to the U.S. government, formed their own union of states known as the Confederate States of America, wrote their own constitution and established their own government. Prior to this, there were three serious threats from states to secede, primarily New England states, over the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, the war of 1812, and a national embargo in 1807. The southern states and its citizens, including Gen. Lee, were not traitors or terrorists trying to overthrow the US government. If you want to talk about terrorists, I suggest reading up on the criminal war tactics of William Tecumseh Sherman et al. The southern states leaving the union was Lincoln’s reason for war, not slavery (read Lincoln’s 1st inaugural address, Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley, and Lincoln’s speech in the 4th Lincoln-Douglas debate of 9/18/1858). Jim Crow laws and segregation started in the northern states in the 1830’s. The largest race riot of the time was the New York City draft riots of July 13-16, 1863.

As for Critical Race Theory (CRT), it’s a Marxist political program, design to create an imbalance between races resulting in revolution of one race against another. It pushes such buzz phrases as “equity,” “social justice,” “white privilege” and “diversity and inclusion.” If the author wants to study systemic racism, he needs to look no farther than the current CRT, BLM, Antifa and Marxist climate of our colleges, universities, and the public school systems.

To put it in the most basic of terms: If you’re really serious about ending racism, you first have to stop calling everyone that doesn’t look (and think) like you racists.

Roger Davis

Alton Bay

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Wow. Just wow. Next you can teach us about how the radical socialist democrats are ruining the greatness of the past four years. How COVID isn’t real, how patriots being charged for their actions of January 6th are being unfairly prosecuted compared to the blm antifa riots in Portland. Please just stop.

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