To The Daily Sun,

In view of some of the responses to some of my previous letters. I'd like to explain a few things. Those, like Mr. Cracraft, are writing from the popular view that the theory of evolution is true. That man evolved over billions of years. That man first appeared in Africa over a million years ago, began as hunter-gatherers, and migrated from there to inhabit the rest of the world.

They reject out of hand that Old Testament accounts are actual history. This is what most are taught in our school system. It's not provable. If you're honest its really that you believe it because you were taught it and think it unthinkable that you were lied to, and like kids on a playground you will make fun of anyone who does not conform. It is held as official very heavy-handedly.

The fact is no human alive today was alive at the supposed time they are proposing. Scientists and researchers examine finds and fabricate theories and create narratives, stories to illustrate their theories. I think that by definition is fiction. They then present it to us as history. They reject the written accounts and write their own accounts from their imaginations. They bend all of their interpretations of their finds to conform to their assumption that the theory of evolution if not completely understood is true and that written accounts in the Old Testament are not.

I've studied the history of this rejection of Biblical authority and the propping up of the theory of evolution for years. When I study a matter I do my best to do due diligence to look at both sides of the matter. This study was no exception. I have found that the embrace of the theory of evolution by the scientific community was not about seeking the truth so much, but was about a desire to decouple our understanding of history from Old Testament accounts. Please understand that how we view history determines how we deal with today's issues. This puts a great amount of power to shape people's actions and responses to events today in the hands of those who interpret history. My conclusion is that these people are not interested in finding and telling us the truth, but in the power that they shape our lives.

The theory of evolution attempts to explain all history from a purely physical perspective. It is anathema to its holders that there is a supernatural element, divine interventions, and a divine purpose carried out throughout history. It cuts to the heart of true religious faith. If true religion is as atheists say is just made up stories to help people navigate through life, then they are right. We might as well just let it die, for certainly, we can make up better stories. But if there is a living active God who works all things together according to His purpose; we'd better pay attention to what He say's and how he has moved throughout history.

For these reasons, I reject out of hand their accounts of prehistory as fabrications and focus on written histories and accounts taken from them. In this series of letters, one of the things that I would like to attempt to demonstrate is that when viewed through the lens of actual recorded history; that it is a reasonable faith to hold that the accounts that the Bible presents as historical accounts are actual history.

The lessons that we take away from these opposing views of history are themselves in opposition to each other. The view of the first inflates the egos of this generation: because we know all these things that those ignorant generations before us didn't; we are better than they. Because we know these things. We must take action no matter what it takes. The old rules be damned. We make the rules. We must save the world. Yet they are unfamiliar with actual history and know not what the actual thing that they are creating will be.

The second says that all men are sinners. That God judges His creation. That we need a Savior, Jesus Christ. That there is a supernatural realm. That man has an eternal soul. That if we want to spend eternity with God we need to repent of our sin's and accept Jesus as our Savior for the forgiveness of our sins. That God has a plan for our lives, and history is moving toward the conclusion that He has scripted.

John Demakowski


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T Rex

Jeepers John ! I certainly hope you're not using petroleum products that were discovered using the modern sciences of geology and geophysics ! You see both fields are antithetically opposed to the ridiculous anti science list of creationist myths you repeated in your silly letter. I'd hate for you to be using products found and produced using the very sciences you're attacking with your comments. I think you need to head right on up to the University of New Hampshire to tell the dean and the head of the geology department that the established sciences the university teaches are wrong while your list of myths , written 2000 years ago by some Middle Eastern goat shepherds , are the latest word in science ! This is very important . Otherwise, some people who read your letters might think you're a parasite and are using the products modern sciences like geology have provided you while you write letters claiming they're not useful.... So, sell the car and buy a donkey if you want us to respect your desire to be a science Luddite. Or. Maybe you could,,,Buy.A.Science.Book.............

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