To The Daily Sun,

It is with deep gratitude that our family thank the following for the excellent care and concern given to our beloved Joseph Paterno during his time at LRGHealthcare and St. Francis Rehab Center:

The 911 operator was patient and calm with my request for help. The Gilford Ambulance EMTs, Johnson and Hanson, were gently and careful with Joe’s injury and transport to the hospital. The LRGH Emergency staff, Dr. Witbey and Nurse Adele were ready for him and quickly set all procedures in motion. The staff on 3 South were friendly and prompt to all that needed to be done for his care and comfort before and after his surgery. The surgical crew and pre-op nurses were fantastic, especially Nurse Richard and the “Hallmark Nurse.” Dr. Huleatt and surgical team were professional and prepped for this surgery.

Our PCP, Dr. Ron Witkin was there for comfort and any information we needed. Thank you to Dr. Sam Aldrich and Dr. John Vignati for visiting and sitting with Joe before and after the surgery — and the transition from hospital to St. Francis Rehab Center ran smoothly.

A big thank you to the LRGH Volunteers for all their help and support.

I know there are many more I need to thank and I do appreciate everything that was done for my Joe. Unfortunately he passed on Nov. 30 due to complications. It is important to us that we thank you all and we do appreciate you for your care and concern for our loved one.

Mrs. Nancy Paterno & Family


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