To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Father Marc Drouin:

I am sending this letter because I saw an article in the N.H. Magazine, in which they spoke about the Sacred Heart Church in Concord. After the closing in 2016, which Bishop Libasci prayed the final mass in, and officially closed the church, it was left vacant for a while.

Then, a local architect and local home designer came together, in which the church was converted into a home for 10 families. You may know about this already. It was quite interesting to see the changes, while keeping in with the religious integrity of the building, both inside and outside. It was amazing , and very respectful at the same time.

Well , thinking about that church ,and the current church property for sale, an idea came to me that I thought would be very beneficial for its future use. While some ideas have come forward, and gone, the main issue is the church itself, and the parishioners of St. Joseph's, who want to preserve it, and deserve to have that happen.

The idea would be simply to create a "religious retreat center."This would open up the doors to the area Christian churches, and the Catholics, Protestant, and anyone else wishing to come together, to be able to talk to others in the community, sharing ideas, spirituality, friendship, and like the Catholic program called "Catholics Come Home," bring back those who left the church. This would provide an opportunity for many to re-think their spirituality, find their center of faith, find support, and truly live their lives in Christ, in a place where they can be comfortable, and be welcomed.

The Church building can be saved, to be continued in use as it is, as a place a prayer for many, While the rectory can be used as offices, and maybe counseling. Then a person could go next door to the church, and reflect upon their discussions, hopefully guiding them to the right decision for them. After all, Christ welcomes all who come to him in their faith.

So, I wanted to pass along this idea of not only what doors may be opened to the use of this property, but for the future use of the church community.

I hope you will give this consideration, and pass along to parishioners, for them to reflect upon/ This great possibility.

Denis Dionne


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