To The Daily Sun,

Last week, Governor Sununu put out a new emergency order requiring individuals who attend scheduled gatherings with attendance of 100 people or more to wear face coverings. The governor has resisted any sort of mask mandate throughout the pandemic, opting to educate rather than create new mandates. However, with large gatherings such as the Tent Revival event in New Ipswich underway and Motorcycle Week in Laconia looming, it became apparent that something needed to be done to ensure these and other large events could occur safely.

Governor Sununu could have taken a far more “oppressive” approach by following the lead of other states by requiring masks for everyone in a public setting. Instead, he put his nose to the grindstone and found a solution that affects very few events and individuals but accomplishes the same goal of preventing super spreader events.

Despite finding a balance and responsible approach, some conservatives and activists have been outspoken about the governor’s new order, even going as far as branding him "King Sununu." This approach is shortsighted, accounting for the next few days rather than the next few months. By doing this, the governor may have saved the state from shutting down businesses in the fall, when the virus is expected to surge once again.

Granite Staters should be thankful they have a governor who is interested in preserving their personal liberty as well as ensuring they are safe during a public health crisis. Thank you, Governor Sununu, for how well you’re handling Covid-19.

Brian Regan

Alton Bay

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The governor is a moron

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