05-11 Timiah Wilkins

Timiah Wilkins

LACONIA — A city woman is accused of slashing a store clerk while robbing the store of lottery tickets, according to Laconia Police.

Matt Canfield, chief of police, said his department was notified at 1:25 a.m. that a robbery had occurred at the Irving Circle K convenience store, at 535 Union Avenue.

“A female suspect went into the store, she attempted to steal lottery tickets. In the process, she assaulted the clerk,” Canfield said, describing serious injuries to the employee, a 56-year-old female. “She had a large laceration on the right side of her face, she was stabbed in her right shoulder, left chest area, thumb and back… It was quite an assault.”

Canfield said the cut to the clerk’s head was six inches long, and that some of the other wounds were “very significant.” After the alleged assault, the suspect was reported to have stolen the clerk’s cell phone and some lottery tickets, then fled on foot.

The clerk was treated on the scene and transported to Concord Hospital-Laconia, Canfield said.

Meanwhile, an officer spotted a female on the railroad tracks near Messer Street, less than a half-mile from the convenience store. The woman, Timiah Wilkins, 23, of Harvard Street, was taken into custody.

“She had the lottery tickets and blood on her face and hands,” Canfield said.

Wilkins was arrested by LPD in February for robbery and resisting arrest. She was charged Monday with felony robbery with a deadly weapon, breach of bail and obstructing the report of a crime. She was scheduled to be arraigned on those charges yesterday afternoon.

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