LACONIA — A hitch has developed in a plan, first proposed in June, to build a 46-foot tall boat storage warehouse on busy Union Avenue at Walnut Street, the city Planning Board has been advised.

The Planning Board was to take a first step on Tuesday night by accepting an application of the project for consideration.

However, Philip Brouillard, who is proposing the building, asked for a delay until the Feb. 5 meeting.

He sent an email on Dec. 21 saying borings revealed large boulders under the surface and that “the building will need to be shifted and resized.”

The building is to be constructed on a half acre of sloping vacant land where an old apartment building once stood. It is across the avenue from Irwin Marine and adjacent to the parking lot for Laconia Electric.

Planning Director Dean Trefethen said “two or three people” who live near the project site at 903 Union Avenue have expressed concerns about the impact on their property.

“The originally proposed building was pretty tall, a plain box,” he said. “It’s not going to be an attractive building.

“Some other members of the community have expressed reservations and asked if that is the best kind of use in that area.”

Since the building site is on sloping land, retaining walls would have to be used and some neighbors have asked whether this could destabilize their land.

Although there are residences nearby, the property is in a commercial zone where businesses dot the road.

Brouillard has said the busy nature of Union Avenue shouldn’t be a problem.

“The boats usually come out in the spring before a lot of the people get here,” Brouillard said. “At the end of the season, in September and October, they are stored.”

There is increased demand for boat storage in the Lakes Region and there have been several projects built or planned in recent months.

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