CONCORD — The Payson Center for Cancer Care at Concord Hospital, along with the American Cancer Society and Duprey Hospitality, have teamed up to provide overnight hotel stays for Payson patients to help them adhere to their strict treatment schedule.

“A patient may be at the Payson Center today and scheduled for another appointment tomorrow,” said American Cancer Society volunteer Kathi Russ. “But if it’s supposed to snow tomorrow or the patient is not feeling well enough to drive 60 miles home and another 60 miles back tomorrow, they might decide to skip the next treatment. That’s harmful, because it’s critical that treatment be delivered on a schedule to be effective.”

The American Cancer Society has organized similar Hotel Partner Programs around the country, so Russ and Payson Center Director Jody Blumberg approached Duprey Companies President Steve Duprey.

“The Hotel Partner Program helps cancer patients focus on getting well, not on whether they will be able to drive long distances to daily treatment while coping with side effects of treatment or dangerous driving conditions,” Blumberg said.

The partnership with Duprey’s local hotels began last summer. Payson Center identifies patients who need an overnight stay — sometimes on short notice — and contacts the Cancer Society, which contacts Duprey Hospitality, which oversees the four local hotels.

Kate Fleming, Duprey Companies’ director of communications and marketing, said, “When we get a call, we are able to look at each hotel and see where we have space. Chances are there is always going to be a place.”

Duprey Hospitality hotels participating in the Hotel Partner program with Payson Center for Cancer Care are Comfort Inn, Residence Inn Concord, Fairfield Inn Concord, and Courtyard Concord.

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