To The Daily Sun,

November 6, Election Day 2018, can be the day we start taking our country back. We have allowed our community, county delegation, state Legislature, governor’s office, Congress, the presidency and now the Supreme Court to be hijacked by people who don’t care about the plight of working families, don’t care if people have affordable health care, don’t care about sexual assault, don’t care about women’s reproductive rights, don’t care that guns are making our communities dangerous, don’t care that fossil fuels are poisoning our air and destroying our ability to live on this planet, don’t care about public education, don’t care about Social Security, don’t care about discrimination and injustice, and don’t care about the spreading of hate, intolerance and lies.

The people we have allowed into places of power, the people who don’t care, are members of the so-called Tea Party, the Free-State Project, and now unfortunately many people who were once just mainstream Republicans. These people masquerade using themes of frugalness, school choice, right to life, right to work, right to bear arms, and now putting America first. We have allowed these ploys to deeply divide our neighborhoods and country. They have succeeded in placing two legislative constitutional amendment questions on the N.H. ballot — in the guise of live free or die and taxes are unfair — that if approved will further dismantle the support systems we depend on as a society.

We the people have allowed this to happen. Have you had enough? If so, there is a solution. We the people can vote them out. We must vote them out. There are but a few weeks left until this year’s elections. These elections offer a clear choice and opportunity at the local, county, state and national levels to derail the chaos that has gripped our communities, state, nation and our lives.

There are many positive ways to channel your anger, frustrations, and fears. You can put signs on your lawn, assemble information packets, write postcards and letters, make calls, talk to your neighbors, drive candidates around to knock on doors or if nothing else, donate money.

To learn about what you can do, how to get involved and meet others who feel the same as you, visit the newly opened Democratic Party Field Office at 143 Lake Street in Laconia. There is a volunteer training at 6 p.m. on Monday, October 15.

For residents of Gilford or Meredith, come to the October 17, Gilford/Meredith Democratic Committee meeting. You can meet the candidates and get involved. The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. at Gilford Library, 31 Potter Road. Everyone is welcome regardless of your party affiliation or if you have no party affiliation.

If you can’t make the meeting, but want to get involved, send me an email at

Rick DeMark


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Alan Moon

On election day, the democrats need to be sent to sit in a corner like the spoiled rotten children they have been acting like, to think about what they have done to our country. They are a disgrace, the party of hate and anarchy.

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