To The Daily Sun,

With all due respect and appreciation for the people who attempt to assist drugged addicts with Narcan, etc. in order to save their lives, the root cause of addiction is not to be cured by rescue, but by spiritual transformation. This is a very difficult task.

Conventional wisdom is that opioid addiction has no cure.

It is commonly thought that opium drugs are rooted in China, but in fact, opium was foreign, and forcibly introduced into China by European conquest.

(Is there a modern parallel in US Big Pharma and drug dealers in our community today?)

Lethargy and sullenness ... the hooded eyes, dilated pupils, unreachable spirit ... lack of interest, temper tantrums ...

I quote the following from a Chinese physician of traditional medicine, challenged with “healing” an opium addict:

“Wu appeared soundlessly; he wore the robe of a Mandarin ... ‘You are aware that the way back from this addiction is steep and treacherous? Sometimes, it is possible. Very difficult. Very painful. Without guarantee. But possible. It is very bad to watch as the addicted one withdraws from the drug. Sometimes they die.’

“There is more to know: This is a disease of the spirit, not the body. We may cure the symptoms, if the Gods are merciful, but the desire may remain ... If this happens, she will simply find another way to destroy herself. All disease begins in the spirit, and must be healed there. Opium destroys the spirit, eats away at it and erodes the will to remain in this world. Only the addict can mend her own soul.”

Parents and Care Givers: Teach Your Children Well. Let Them Not Fall Into Hell, but know you Love them.

Michael Harris, PhD


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Alan Moon

Sp.Ch.67, How many personal friends or family members have you watched slowly poison themselves with drugs, and find yourself powerless to stop them? And when they die, have you felt the feelings of guilt that there must have been something more that you could have done to help them. I'm saying that the fault lies with the unfortunate addicted person and no one else. That's the only way the ones left behind can go on without blaming themselves.


I have seen it and lived it. Personally and with many of my children’s friends they have lost through the years. It’s horrible and every time you say pray not again, it happens again. It does not matter what color you are, religious background, how much money you have, what schools you went too, none of it matters. Some say blame the dealers, some say blame the parents, but most blame the individual. Yes, we all know right from wrong but we don’t know what that individual is going through. So the judgemental view of so many with their noses in the air is by far the worst thing these people need to see or hear. No one can help yourself the way you can, true. But, some are so lost they can’t. So have some compassion and when they pass have something nice to remember them by. Because, that is what will help some families and friends in the long run.

Alan Moon

Very well stated and so true, thank you Dr. Sadly we have seen this over and over again. You can't help, you can't change some one who won't change themselves.


No he is a moron! And having faith will not cure it either. Sometimes having some faith in a person will. He just clearly chastised any and all addicts, people with mental health issues, and their families. No, his letter is deeming and people like him are the reason so many silently suffer. He is a condescending tool with a title.


Omg , what ????

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