To The Daily Sun,
Folks, how can we take the left seriously, they are consistently inconsistent. They will rationalize anything, anybody to appease any group of sane, insane, kooks or criminals in order to harvest votes. They defend and excuse domestic terrorists ( BLM/Antifa), condemn police, excuse murders and rapists et al. and make up false history and facts. Some examples:
• The current meltdown over the new abortion law in Texas. If the doctor can detect a fetal heart beat they can't abort. So out come the signs reading "My body, My choice." Fine, the right to their opinion, free speech. So how about "My body My choice" in regard to COVID vaccine shots and masks? It's not that different. After all, 98 percent of COVID patients not only survive but rarely have noticeable symptoms. Abortions, on the other hand, are nearly always fatal to the babies.
• When Trump was president, the Left refused to take the COVID vaccine. Untested, unproven, unsafe declared every Dem leftist top to bottom. Enter Biden, and everyone must have the shots. Vaccine passports must be carried to, well, do or go anywhere. 
• No racism screams the Left, then demanding that Critical Race Theory must be a standard taught in every school, business, whatever. However, CRT is pure anti-white racism based on hate, false facts, false history. But the Left is okay with that.
• No discrimination. Good, except if you're a Jew (history's most discriminated against minority) defending your tiny nation against the onslaught of violent terrorist rockets, bombs, bullets and knives. Then it's "oh the poor terrorists! Those nasty Jews are fighting back. The nerve!"
• Islam is the only religion on the face of the planet that advocates its adherents to kill, terrorize, eradicate any and all other peoples, especially Jews. These terrorist groups kill and injure over 10,000 people year after year. Still the Left, claiming the "moral high ground," consistently defends and excuses Islam while branding its critics Islamophobic.(As if it's a bad thing to criticize murdering terrorists.) And this is all to harvest votes, no high ground here.
This should not be any kind of a political issue. It is a moral, ethical issue. A barbaric violent ideology straight from midlevel dark ages vs. moral civilized societies. There should be no sunlight between Left and Right here.
• Follow the science, except when it's inconvenient. The Left is telling you there are many genders, men can get pregnant, have babies. No, and you all know this is not true. Another made up, fake science to harvest votes, nothing more. In all medical science no male has ever been pregnant or birthed a baby, period. There are male and female. This never changes, period.
• Global warming. It's been a couple/three or more decades since the end of the world was revealed to us by computers. We only had 10 years. Still we have hot summers, cold winters, rain, snow, natural disasters. Not much has changed really, except the green adherents continue to demand we fix a problem that no real evidence exists for - and these too are embraced by the Left.
So I've made my case. They are consistently inconsistent. Prove me wrong.
Steve Earle

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Alan Moon

Being a liberal Democrat (is there any other kind?) means you never have to say you're sorry. But they are allowed to say 'shut up you stupid idiot' when they mess things up.

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