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Spring has finally sprouted, and with it we undoubtedly have the annual holiday Easter, an exciting celebration filled with rabbits, eggs and candy. I’d love to talk about any of those three topics, but I think I’m going to focus on my area of expertise: animals. And in this case, rabbits. After all, more rabbits are adopted during April than in any other month — and unfortunately, just about all of them are abandoned by the end of May. Let me explain.

We all know bunnies sure have a lot to do with Easter, and it’s no surprise that plenty of kids are going to be begging for an adorable bundle of fur when that anticipated Sunday finally comes. But is it the smartest idea to adopt a rabbit on a whim? If you’re thinking ‘yes’, I can guess your reasoning. Maybe you think they’re easy to care for, have short lifespans and/or don’t cost a lot of money — well, if this is what you’re telling yourself, it’s a good thing you picked up this newspaper today, because I’m about to give you some very good reasons why you shouldn’t buy your kiddo a bunny this holiday.

For starters, rabbits are intelligent, social animals that have a lifespan of around nine to 12 years (that’s quite some commitment!) and function in groups of two or more. Without a friend, they become lonely and agitated, especially if they aren’t provided with interesting, engaging outlets for their curiosity and energy, such as tunnels, food puzzles and toys. No kidding! They also need lots of room to roam and require a pretty specific diet of hay, vegetables and store-brand rabbit food. They’re not even cuddly animals, as they are nervous and have a lot of energy, but they certainly make up for it with intelligence — you can not only train a rabbit to use a litter box, you can train it to follow a pointer, walk on a leash and avoid certain areas of the house.

Add all this up (Oops, don’t forget surprise vet bills and fixing your rabbit. An un-neutered bunny will definitely reek!) and it’s incredibly likely you’ll have one of two things: either a lonely, frustrated, neglected ball of miserable fluff or a much lighter wallet. So rewind, think it over, and maybe visit the nearest Walmart instead of the closest pet store. I assure you, your Easter will be much happier!

Micaiah Borchers, 13 yrs old


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