To The Daily Sun,

I'd like to add my support to Mr. Pastir's recent letter detailing the problems with wakeboard boats and hope that this comes to the attention of someone who can do something.

My family and I live on one of the smaller lakes in the state. When wakeboard boats are out on the lake, we go from calm to chaos.

1. The tsunami-like waves made by these wakeboard boats cause any boats docked on the lake to bounce and slam up against their docks.

2. When these boats are out it's impossible to just sit in your boat whether on the lake or at our dock. When the waves hit the boat, everything is tossed around, including small grandchildren.

3. These waves also erode the shoreline, particularly where there is no stone border to protect the shore.

The suggestion to limit these boats to large expanses, like The Broads on Lake Winnipesaukee, will not work on small lakes. My suggestion is to either ban them outright or limit them to large stretches of water where their negative impact can be at least minimized.

They look like fun but are not appropriate for other than the big lakes.

Rick Donnelly


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