To The Daily Sun,

I didn't ask to be the local poster child for this state's poor anti-marijuana laws, but I sit on the precipice of proving in court why Gov. Chris Sununu's crusade against this misunderstood plant is a complete travesty. He is holding our state back, and the judge appointed by his father is assisting the state in demonizing a hard-working, tax paying citizen entrapped by a crooked local justice system. Gov. Sununu, your island of prohibition approach will surely fail. It's just a matter of time. Because the courts you ultimately oversee are so convoluted and backwards and clogged up due to COVID, a national legalization bill including exonerations and expungements of records could pass before I get a trial in my local case. If I do get my trial, I will expose the rotten core of this state's whole anti-marijuana campaign. Refusing to legalize marijuana only strengthens the opioid epidemic that plagues this whole country. Ask yourself why would a state be so aggressive against marijuana and so lackluster in prosecuting fentanyl and heroin crimes. The opioid epidemic makes money. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's husband Bill Shaheen is a lobbyist and political fundraiser. The Intercept,, reports on Shaheen’s firm and its lobbying.

Politicians and crooked law enforcement in this state have led us down a dark road paved with the dirty money they make by the fistfuls while your taxes are spent on chasing the wrong dragon. Their priorities are backwards by design. Even a bill designed to combat opioids will no doubt be catered to support the same corporations who created the problem who have now transitioned to providing the "treatment" for it.

Prosecuting my case and sending me to prison for a potential 53 years does nothing to make anyone's life any better in this state. It's a complete waste of time, effort and valuable resources. Maybe it's just dumb pride, or maybe they hate that I'm fighting back so hard, but folks running the local "justice" system are intent on making me a martyr for my own cause. Win or lose, I'm drawing a big legal line in the sand on marijuana reform and curbing corruption in law enforcement. I'm one man against a whole apparatus of anti-weed zealots with political axes of their own to grind. A bunch of dishonest and corrupt county attorney officials sucking off the taxpayer teat will be looking to lock me up for decades while they are the real grifters here. They're the ones really hurting the state by so overzealously enforcing our governor's backwards, misinformed policies and political preferences.

Rich Bergeron


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