To The Daily Sun,

Today’s world is becoming increasingly dark, disturbing, and, for lack of a more powerful word, sad. This is not because of politics, and who will and won’t be on a ballot, and it’s not because of religious beliefs. It’s because of the belief that money is the most wonderful and amazing thing in existence. The power of greed grows every day, and is quickly becoming an insurmountable, dark force in the world.

This could not be more evident than in the tragedy descending like a guillotine upon the students and faculty of the dance department of Plymouth State University. Maybe not as dramatic as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, or Romeo & Juliet, but every bit as heartbreaking, as the curtain appears to be closing on the university’s dance program — a program that has become a safe haven for students, no matter how tumultuous the outside world pushes and shoves at them, and has been a staple to a theater department whose reputation precedes it, attracting aspiring musicians, thespians, and, yes, dancers from all over northeast.

A thunderous silence has fallen over the campus, particularly over the arts community therein, and surrounding it, as the powers that be have chosen to line their pockets a little thicker than years past, and no longer offer dance as a minor to not only general students, but to withhold the option from art and theater students, as they close the program altogether.

A beacon of light shining from under the pitch black blanket of despair the so-called educators in charge are trying to smother the students with is a rapidly growing push from students, faculty, and alma mater to prevent greed’s victory. A number of students started a petition wanting nothing more than 1,000 signatures to force a face-to-face meeting with the executioners of creativity that issued their sentence.In less than 24 hours, they had nearly 4,000 signatures. They got their wish, and on Saturday, Sept. 21, they will get a chance to reverse the fate of the department, and send a message to not only their university, but to the world, that you cannot put a price on the beauty of dance, and you cannot extinguish the fire of passion that burns it in the curriculum.

Please join this movement, and lend your voice to this cause at the Silver Center’s Smith Recital Hall, from 1 to 2 p.m. this Saturday. If you can’t be there, please send an email or a letter to show you stand with the faculty of the program and the students who not only yearn to keep this program alive but a society that needs it to. Dance needs no language to show love and fill the world with wonder indescribable, but it does need your help.

Wayne Gregoire


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