To The Daily Sun,

The best December gift that I can imagine would be that 90% of the New Hampshire population has received at least their first COVID vaccine injection. This would mean less illness, fewer deaths, fewer hospitalizations, more freedoms and perhaps improved inflation, supply chain, and work force. Gov. Chris Sununu and the business community, including a prominent restaurant owner and automobile dealer, recently had a chance to do something positive. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration had announced that businesses with more than 100 employees should have all employees vaccinated. Instead of being helpful for the common good, the governor chose to join some other states in an effort to block the requirement. The business leaders had a chance to do something positive, like announcing they would work and dialogue with employees to see what they might get done. They might have even set up public vaccine clinics at their business to lead by good example. Instead, the governor took a political way out and the business leaders took a self-serving, short-term fix. I give all a failing grade. There actions give no aid nor comfort to the 60% or so that have been vaccinated.

It strikes me that every honorable thing possible should be done by government and business to encourage vaccination. It seems such a simple fix to a complex and dangerous situation. Right now the unvaccinated are putting the vaccinated in unnecessary peril. Let's not forget to help that 60% or so that have done the responsible thing.

Government and leaders seem to have switched from a position of "let's get people vaccinated" to one of "don't tell me what to do."

Right now, our governor and legislative leaders are not being helpful.

Gerald Guest


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