To The Daily Sun,

Health care was the number one issue in last weeks election. Trump's rip-roaring economy put economic concerns on the back burner. Democrats had to find a "new POLITICAL rabbit" to pull out of a hat. So, it was back to their 2008 playbook. No issue puts more fear and anger into voter's hearts than health care when accompanied by a good Thanksgiving sized portion of scare tactics stuffing...

Since the cram down of ObamaCare health insurance, premiums have DOUBLED for individuals and increased 140 percent for families all as deductibles have increased substantially. Hospitals and doctors continue to run from ObamaCare networks to the point 75 percent of all plans are now highly restrictive. ObamaCare has been exposed for the total FAILURE it truly is. Even Democrats now scream they want a NEW alternative called "Medicare for all." It's Democrats latest new, POLITICAL, SNAKE OIL. The same LOUD, PROMISES with it that accompanied ObamaCare. All while Democrats plan to CRAM it down Americas throat or up their backside with the same bribes and Vasoline they used in 2010. 

"Medicare for all " in California alone would cost $400 BILLION a year. It would DOUBLE California's total state budget. DOUBLING the INCOME TAXES of all individuals and corporations in America would NOT cover the estimated 10 year cost estimate of $32.6 trillion.

Many countries with socialized approaches to health care are PRIVATIZING portions of their systems. That would include Sweden, Denmark and Britain. Those systems are dying under their own dead weight and INEFFICIENCY. Those countries are needlessly, killing people with WAIT TIMES and WAIT LISTS. England just set new records for patients on waiting lists. 363,000 people waited LONGER than four months for hospital treatment last year. Nearly 100,000 wanted longer than six months. Almost 5,000 people waited longer than one YEAR.

In Canada the time to see a specialist averages close to THREE MONTHS. Four months to see an orthopedist. Five months to see a neurosurgeon. Even patients marked as "URGENT" care needed can wait months to be seen and treated. People in England often wait months to have their first cancer treatments. Those with money come here. Millions of wealthy people in England pay "private premiums" in addition to the draconian tax levies required to pay for socialized medicine which can be summed in one word. WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Private premiums in England ensure access to care quickly getting around long wait lists for all health services run by GOVERNMENT.

Waiting lists are NOT a feature of Americas health care system. In fact no one can be denied service at any emergency room while tens of million of Americans have free health care or almost free based on their economic circumstances. But, Democrats desperately want to bring those LONG WAIT LISTS to Americans in a Trojan horse of corrupted political corruption called MEDICARE FOR ALL. It is ideal with the devil himself. One the old, sick and poor will suffer most under most. People with wealth will do what they do in England. BUY their way around the "wait lists" with private care. Lets stop the absolute INSANITY that "Medicare for all" solves our health care challenges. It's just the latest SNAKE OIL from Democrats that could cost YOU your LIFE.

Tony Boutin



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