To The Daily Sun,

Will Mr. Robbins, Hemmel, McLaughlin or Baker ever provide any facts to support their baseless Jan. 6 “insurrection” theory? Did any watch the video of Ashli Babbitt being shot by a Capitol Police officer? Can they explain what the half dozen Capitol Police officers standing by Ashli Babbitt less than 20 seconds before she was shot were doing? Can they explain away the video of the Capitol Police office talking to Jacob Chansley (Viking guy) when he strolled into the Senate chamber? Can they explain why a leftist activist videoed Ashli Babbitt but the MSM denied any BLM or antifa activists were at the Capitol? Or, are those just minor details that should be ignored?

I have long believed that the FBI and DOJ were unbiased in their enforcement of the law, but past and recent events have shaken that belief to the core. I’ve written dozens of letters pointing out malefices committed by specific FBI and DOJ personnel during the Russia collusion hoax. None have ever been held accountable. A similar situation is occurring today with the insurrection hoax. The “purpose” is the same. The Russia collusion hoax was about destroying the Trump administration. The insurrection hoax is an expansion to include Trump supporters.

The current FBI director, Christopher Ray, and newly assigned attorney general, Merritt Garland, recently said the biggest danger to this country is white supremacy? Really, who are all these white supremicists? Apparently, anyone who opposes the Democratic party. Patriotic American citizens are being rounded up to show what will happen if people don’t obey the current administration.

You would think the MSM would call them out but it’s just the opposite. They facilitate the hoax with false allegations like calling officer Sicknick’s death a “murder” and calling what happened on Jan. 6 a deadly armed insurrection. “Deadly” means the rioters killed someone. They didn’t! “Armed” typically means guns, but in this case, it means walking sticks, flag poles and bear spray.

Exaggeration, hyperbole and lies are still not enough for the FBI, DOJ and MSM to push the insurrection hoax so they are now resorting to censorship. Why are 14,000 hours of video inside the capital still unreleased? Why is the name of the Capitol Police officer that shot Ashli Babbitt still not known? And finally, why don’t Mr. Robbins, Hemmel, McLaughlin and Baker care?

The lack of intellectual curiosity to get to the truth of what is happening in this country is disturbing. Our first amendment right, freedom of speech, is under attack and it’s the lying media and big tech leading the way. We are going to wake up someday and notice we are no different than Russia and China. Corrupt politicians will use the FBI/DOJ to silence political opponents with false allegations supported by a state-run media. At the same time the same politicians will sell political favors to domestic and foreign entities and the FBI/DOJ will look the other way. Maybe that someday has already happened.

Bruce Jenket


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It really is hard to read this kind of backwards, crazy thinking of someone who justifies the hateful, racists insurrection on our Federal Government; after a while it becomes clear that Bruce, you are in need of some serious psychological intervention.

This conspiracy garbage you are spewing is right out of the QAnon playbook, nuts!


I believe the House has just approved a committee to investigate the riot on January 6th. That's probably why certain things haven't been released - they're not done investigating. The security people near Ashli Babbitt were trying to keep people out, but we're good to make way for a special forces unit. The officer talking to "Viking guy" was trying to get them to leave, as well. The person who filmed Ashli Babbitt being shot is not a member of Antifa. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

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