Officer Richard Paulhus of the Tilton Police Department is credited with saving the life of a choking infant on Wednesday. (Courtesy photo/Tilton PD)

TILTON — A Tilton Police officer is being credited with saving the life of an infant on Wednesday.

A posting on the Tilton Police Department Facebook page gave the following account of events that took place:

Officer Richard Paulhus of the Tilton Police Department responded to a report of a broken down vehicle near Exit 20 of Interstate 93 along with two deputies from Belknap County Sheriff’s Office. As the officers were pushing the disabled vehicle out of the intersection, officers heard a woman scream from across the road. Paulhus ran toward the woman and as he arrived, the woman frantically told him that her 8-month-old baby was choking and could not breathe. She handed the child to Paulhus, who immediately flipped the baby over and perform the child-style Heimlich maneuver. After multiple thrusts, the item became dislodged and the baby began to cry. "In this situation this is a good thing," the police account noted.

Tilton/Northfield EMS responded, treated the baby, and she was transported to a local hospital for precautionary measures.

Paulhus is a 37-year veteran of the Tilton Police Department who retired in 2014 at the rank of lieutenant and is now working as a part-time officer.

"It is very clear from all parties involved that Officer Paulhus turned to his training and experience that ultimately saved this eight month old baby's life yesterday," the police statement said. "Officer Paulhus’s actions can not be described in words alone, but every member of the Tilton Police Department thanks Officer Paulhus for being a hero for the last 37 years, and specifically yesterday."

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