SANDWICH — Lobin Frizzell thought she was exercising her willpower by resisting the urge to devour her lobster roll before dinnertime. Instead, she unwittingly ended up feeding the delicacy to a local bear.

Frizzell, a real estate agent who lives in Sandwich, said she was driving a client to Portland on Tuesday and decided to stop in Cornish, Maine at the Bay Haven restaurant, her personal favorite when it comes to lobster rolls. She likes that they will stuff the roll with undressed lobster meat, and she asks for a side of mayonnaise and french fries.

Frizzell said she was tempted by the food but didn’t want to spoil her appetite. “I had to ride in the car all the way back with this lobster roll – I got maybe to Freedom, I had two bites and I said, I’m saving the rest for dinner.”

When she made it back to Sandwich, she picked up her elementary school-age daughter from soccer practice and they went home. When they arrived, Frizzell left her lobster roll in the car so she could help her daughter carry in her school bag and sports gear, and once inside she started cooking dinner for her daughter. When the meal was almost ready – about an hour later – Frizzell went back to the driveway to collect her dinner.

“I went out at 7 o’clock to get my lobster roll. I looked around my car, I couldn’t figure it out,” Frizzell said. Her first suspicion was that the cat had leapt into the open driver’s window and eaten the food. But then she noticed the prints.

“I looked at my door, there was a paw print, on my seat there was a paw print, and they were enormous. No lobster roll for me,” said Frizzell, who said the tracks were an unmistakable clue about the fate of her dinner.

She lives in a rural town, but near the village center. Still, Frizzell said she was “annoyed at myself” for leaving the food out. “I live in New Hampshire, I know better,” she said.

And, after posting her ordeal on Facebook, she now feels relieved that there was no damage to her new Toyota SUV than a few muddy paw prints and a couple of light scratches on the outside of the driver’s door. One commenter posted: “One got trapped in our car a few years back and tore apart the console. It also left behind some very stinky presents. Luckily it broke the window and escaped before morning.“

“I feel very lucky that he didn’t tear my car up,” Frizzell said. Now, a few days later, the situation brings a smile to her face. “When I think of it, the whole thing makes me laugh. I can just see him sitting in my driver’s seat, pounding down my lobster sandwich and reaching over with his paw and eating my french fries, just like I wanted to do the whole ride home.

“Can you imagine what a score is a lobster roll is for a bear?”

She’s learned two things from the experience. First, don’t leave food in a vehicle in bear country, and second, don’t delay the joy of a lobster roll.

“I know now how I would handle it,” Frizzell said. “I’ll never wait again. It’s a big life lesson.”

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