01-14 Hero Postcards

Email the address of a medical worker to Little Dog Paper Company, and they will send that person a postcard of appreciation. (Courtesy photo)

MEREDITH — David and Nicole Ayers aren’t superheroes, they just design and sell greeting cards in Meredith. But they figured out a way to leverage that capability to express appreciation for those who have been the heroes of the pandemic: health care workers.

The Ayerses own Little Dog Paper Company, located on Main Street. In the spring they sponsored the Hero Postcard campaign in which they solicited names and addresses of frontline health care workers, so they could send out greeting cards of their own design as a thank-you. In its initial round, they sent about 100 cards. Now, with the pandemic infecting its second calendar year, they are renewing the campaign with the hopes that they can increase it tenfold.

David said he has already mailed 50 Hero Postcards, and has a goal of shipping 1,000. “Ideally, I’d like this to go viral. If we can send out 10,000, that’s even better.

Here’s how the Hero Postcard program works. Members of the public send an email to hero@littledogpaperco.com containing the name and address of someone who is a medical hero, as well as how they’d like the card to be signed. Little Dog will send that person a card, designed by Nicole, that says “U R my hero” with a stethoscope. Production manager Renee Ferland will address the card and add the suggested signature.

Donations to help cover postage and other costs are accepted, but are not required in order to participate.

David said he was moved to revive the campaign when he heard about some parts of the country where hospitals were having to turn away COVID patients because of lack of space.

“I can’t imagine having to do that – obviously that’s not what doctors and nurses signed up for,” he said. “It’s tragic to me. I want to get the word out that we’re watching and hope they’re OK.”

In a Facebook post announcing the campaign, David wrote: “Whether it is someone you know working in the ICU or your family pediatrician in your home town, everyone knows someone in the healthcare field that has been challenged by this pandemic. We just want them to know they are appreciated, they are not forgotten, and they are truly the heroes of this fight.”

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