At a time when the need for entry-level health care workers is quickly rising, NH Needs Caregivers is offering LNA training in partnership with nursing homes statewide. Participants pay $1,850-$1,950 for a course that usually lasts six to eight weeks, but can be completed in three and a half weeks. Graduates then apply for full reimbursement from Medicaid, and can receive a $500 bonus after working for six months at their sponsoring nursing home, including five in Laconia, Meredith and Franklin. For more information, visit

Starting in January, River Valley Community College in Claremont is starting a satellite licensed practical nurse (LPN) program at Lakes Region Community College, a three-semester program that will end in December 2022.

Belknap County Nursing Home is sponsoring up to four currently licensed nursing assistants to enter this program, offering two days of pay while attending classes. Participants will work as LNAs at Belknap County Nursing Home 24 hours each week and attend classes two days a week for pay equal to a 40-hour week. Under the contract, they are required to work as LPNs full time for two years after completing the course and passing the LPN licensing exam. For more information, call Victoria Nichols at 603-729-1212 or email

Catholic Charities, through its Pathways program, is offering similar paid opportunities for LNAs and LPNs who want to advance to become LPNs and RNs. Catholic Charities offers full scholarships for LNAs to attend the LPN degree program at Harmony Health Care Institute in Merrimack. For more information, visit

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