Hermit Woods Winery & Deli

Brentwood-based ReVision Energy has built a 16-kilowatt solar project on the roof of Hermit Woods Winery & Deli on Main Street in Meredith. (Courtesy photo)

MEREDITH — The switch has been flipped on a new solar array in Meredith, NH. Brentwood-based ReVision Energy has built a 16-kilowatt solar project on the roof of Hermit Woods Winery & Deli on Main Street. The 50-panel array is expected to produce over 18,000 kilowatt-hours of clean renewable energy every year, offsetting over 19,000 pounds of carbon. Hermit Woods Winery & Deli prioritizes sustainability and community. They work closely with local farmers to find the best, preferably organic, fruit in every season. They craft wine with a variety of mostly organic fruit, from apples and blueberries to kiwi, berries, and peaches. Hermit Woods also has a Deli where you can get delicious farm-to-table cuisine seven days a week.

“From the day we founded Hermit Woods, we have not simply measured our success by how our business is doing financially, but by how we treat our employees, serve our community, and protect our planet,” said Bob Manley, Co-Founder. “Working with ReVision Energy has been both educational and inspirational. With their help, we have significantly reduced our environmental footprint.”

The 50 solar panels have been mounted on the roof of their winery located on Main Street in Meredith. “We are so pleased with how the panels look on our roof. We have taken a lot of time to ensure our building looks good and fits in with the historic Meredith town center. ReVision did a wonderful job ensuring that the roof looks good and does not take away from the aesthetic,” said Bob.

The array has been installed by ReVision Energy, a local employee-owned solar company, and is projected to generate 18,530 kWh of clean electricity annually — enough to offset 19,500 pounds of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to planting 217 trees!

Hermit Woods Winery and Deli is located at 72 Main Street in Meredith NH. The winery is open seven days a week year-round. They are offering wine flights (a self-guided tasting experience) during the pandemic. Their traditional tours and tastings will resume by appointment just as soon as they can make them available safely. Visit them at www.hermitwoods.com to learn more.

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