To The Daily Sun,

Ramadan Mubarak! Yes, Sunday, May 5, was the start to the holy month of Ramadan, which ends on Tuesday, June 4. I am sure that the Duke and his “Proud Boys” endorse this holiest of Muslim months, as the U.S. Bill of Rights does allow freedom of religion (maybe not, e.g. Pam Geller allegedly blocked the “Ground Zero Mosque”).

“I [Duke] don’t care a darn about the history of Christian inquisitions in past ages...”, but he does rely on past history with his twisted interpretation of some translations of the Qur’an from 610 C.E. Ironically, the Qur’an primarily applied to the Middle East, since the populace had little or no knowledge of outside Arabia. And northern Europe was allegedly inhabited by heathens, and the Americas and Australia didn’t exist.

He does seem to admit that “The average estimate (source?) of the world’s intelligence agencies (amazing how he contacted them) is that 20%” of the 1,600,000,000 Moslems are baddies, which implies that 1,280,000,000 are “good people.” Thanks, Duke, for that endorsement.

I would also posit that he would finally acknowledge that President Obama is a U.S. citizen, as he was born to a U.S. mother, as was Archie, the son of the Duchess of Sussex. I would guess that there are a greater percentage of Islamophobes in the U.S., especially in the dubious “Concerned Citizens Group (CCG)”.

“He [me] has no viable answers or excuses why one should be concerned by rogue religions.” Wow, there is more than one rogue religion? Who knew that? Apparently not me, as “Frank Weeks proves once again that he has no knowledge of, or intention of, informing himself of the “facts” regarding the threats from political Islam.” Apparently the “Religion of Peace” is the new Spenser Islamophobe bible, as if Christianity is free of white domestic terrorism, and political evangelism.

Just ask Masjid Al Noor Muslims how secure they feel in mosques, L’Simcha Jews how safe they are in synagogues, and Sikhs at the Oak Creek Temple.

“While trying to debate ‘facts’ ... regarding the number of deaths and injuries from Islamic terrorist attacks, Frank sites [obviously “cites”, please use spellcheck] U.S gun deaths.” Obviously the moral point was missed ... more U.S citizens die or are injured due to domestic firearms (39,773 deaths in 2017) than due to your local (not in Belknap County) Muslim

“Our gun deaths are unrelated to Islamic terrorism because these are criminal in nature, not political.” Whoa, morality! Political deaths are not criminal deaths? Really? That’s how Nazi Germany rationalized the Holocaust (oops, the “Murdock Files”), and how the U.S pursued genocide on Native Americans. Oh, yes, it was disease that caused the genocide! Perhaps the Duke should direct his bitterness and angst to this domestic problem rather than to a distant civil war created by U.S. interference in the Middle East and elsewhere.

“So ... Frank’s ... arguments far exceed his grasp of the issue.” Yes, I confess that the Duke’s rationalization is different from mine, and I am fortunate for that.

“Talking to a bigot is like throwing mud against a wall, and having it drip down.” A paraphrase from a Jesuit Comparative Religion college instructor of mine who had to wear a white kippah after he returned from Selma 9.

Time to devour a dubious graham cracker!

Frank M. Weeks

Gilmanton Iron Works

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