To The Daily Sun,

After reading your opinion page from April 22, I see that the GOP-echo chamber runs deep here. If allowed I would like to provide a different perspective on a couple of comments made by some of your opinion writers. Mr. Russ Wiles' small world perspective comes in loud and clear with propaganda delivered directly from GOP talking points. Calling masks face diapers (makes no sense) and calling the president Brandon like a frat boy with a secret handshake, if he really cared about the children get serious and consider the actual threats to kids these days which are guns, climate change, and authoritarian governments. To Mr. John Demakowski, sounds like the scientific process is too much. Trust me, he doesn’t understand it, and can’t boil the complexity of the country dealing with a pandemic to one man, it’s not Anthony Fauci’s fault, the guy is just doing his job. But he’s someone to screech at, feel better? To Mr. Richard Gerken, just a quick FYI. The Trump family is among the most corrupt families to enter Washington. Does he think the Saudis gave Jared $2 billion because of his genius investing abilities? I don’t know how the GOP media machine is spinning that, if they even mentioned it, but a $2 billion payoff? Trump gets a cut, he understands right?

Come on people. There are actually very serious issues in this country, and it’s not due to immigration. Employment, gun deaths just outpaced automobile deaths, climate change is going to destroy large parts of the country and storms, fires, tornadoes are all part of that. Folks would rather focus on clever ways to insult Americans that care about these issues. None of these writers are serious, just spitting hate. There are real issues.

Will Spinetti


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And you're letter is completely non-biases... NOT

You accuse one side is tearing down the other side. Yet, your letter is exactly the same only from the opposing side from the people you are accusing. Most would agree "The pot calling the kettle black". Yet we continue going round and round between both camps.

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