To The Daily Sun,

Is the American electorate interested in knowledge or perception?

It is a real question that everyone should take seriously.

Here are the definitions of each: Knowledge is “facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education. ”Perception is “a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something.” The key difference between them is that knowledge requires “facts” and “information.” Perception does not!

I have been writing letters to the editor for close to two years, trying to present “facts” and “information” to counter the media’s false narratives that drive perception. What I have come to realize is that, to a portion of the American electorate, facts just don’t matter, and I said as much in a previous letter (

The latest in the list was the left’s contention that illegal immigration is not a problem and is, in fact, good for this country. I contend that is false and presented facts from a financial standpoint in this letter: (

Illegal immigrants cost the American taxpayers an estimated $86.8 billion annually. The left completely ignores that point and basically calls it a crime against humanity if we don’t take in those flooding across our southern border.

From a social standpoint, can anyone on the left explain how letting another million poor illegal immigrants into this country each year improves things for the rest of us? The reason pushed by the left is that they are all fleeing persecution. If that were true, why not stop in Mexico, which has offered them sanctuary?

I don’t expect an answer since that would entail an acknowledgement that there is a solution to a problem they don’t want fixed. Instead, they focus on children separated from their parents and ignore stories of illegal immigrants murdering U.S. citizens as well as stories of child abuse and neglect in our own country.

The reason is simple. It’s to create a “perception” that illegal immigration is good for this country, so opposing a border wall will make sense.

I’ll move on to what I considered the biggest false narrative of 2018 and that was the accusation that judge Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court because of an attempted rape of a 15-year-old girl when he was 17. Here is a letter I wrote on the subject while the battle was still raging on the senate floor: ( Well, Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed by just one vote and it was by Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. Here is her long and detailed explanation of why she voted for confirmation: ( I hope everyone on the left watches this video and listens closely to what is said. She went on at length about Judge Kavanaugh’s decisions and qualifications as a federal judge. She also went into great detail as to the “fact” that not a single person at the alleged scene of the crime could corroborate Dr. Ford’s story. Yet 49 Democratic senators and virtually all the mainstream media “believed” Dr. Ford. The definition of believe is “to consider to be true or honest.” Like perception, the need for fact and information is not required.

This is at the heart of my frustration with those on the left. When accusations and opinions oppose facts, conflict results. The correct way to resolve that conflict is through honest debate based on the facts. I feel Senator Collins did what was honest and correct. How the media ignored the facts to set up the “perception“ a crime was committed is disturbing to me and I would hope to everyone reading this letter. The FBI investigated all allegations of sexual misconduct, including those of Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnik, in addition to Dr. Ford, and found no corroborating witnesses. I would expect that lying to the FBI would entail some punishment as we have seen recently by the Mueller special council indictments. But despite Senator Grassley’s request to the FBI to investigate those allegations by Ramirez and Swetnik, no news has been reported and certainly no charges have been filed. I have also not seen any news on who leaked the Ford letter to the media or the details of how Dr. Ford realized that she had to come forward. Without closure to these questions, the left can continue the narrative that a crime was committed based solely on accusations. The sad part is a portion of the American electorate still believe it and vote accordingly. It also sends the message that false allegations will be “tolerated” so long as they benefit the left's agenda.

I will close this letter with a thought. When facts and perceptions are in agreement, you have harmony. When they are in opposition, you have discord. When I see rebuttal letters to the facts I present, rarely do I see opposing “facts” but rather denial of the facts. Alternately, the rebuttal letters just ignore the facts. I will point out that “ignore” is the root of ignorance. That may sound harsh, but in my experience, not confronting a problem head-on only lets it fester and allows it to grow. The left's continual mantra that everything associated with President Trump is bad has reached a level of absurdity and someone needs to speak up.

I hope that those on the left will not take this as an attack, but rather as an invitation to reach harmony in this country though love and understanding, rather than hate and divisiveness. The choice is one each of us needs to make every day. I pray that we all choose wisely.

Bruce Jenket


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(6) comments

Alan Moon

I make comments fully expecting to become a target by the 'V' twins and others. Their ignorant hate speech says more about them than me.


My advice to you is - don't try out for the Aristotle part in the school play.

Alan Moon

Another great letter Bruce. You have our belligerent 'V' boys described very well. Angry and unhappy all the time, no critical thinking required as we have come to expect from them.


Oh Moonie - tell us more about those Communist prisoners who can't escape East Berlin! Please! I need more laughter today!


Angry and unhappy, Moony? It's you obsequious Trump suckups that are angry and upset. We're having fun since the Dems took the House. Try not to "project" if you don't want to be mocked


Your problem with the left is that they offer facts, humanity, and compassion whereas you are lacking in all three areas. Veverka does a great job pointing out your foolishness, but you've never seen a conservative FUBAR that you can't dress up like a drag queen and say how pretty it is.Your President drags the country and your party down further every day and you happily hug that anchor as you sink.

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