To The Daily Sun,

Now that the midterms are over I want to comment on Jim Veverka’s letter

I took that as an avoidance of addressing the facts I enumerated in my rebuttal of his previous letter. His opening premise that all GOP representatives are only interested in money is a fabrication in his own mind to justify his one-sided view and his refusal to engage in a debate on the costs of the left’s free stuff for all policies. His accusation that those of us that are fiscal conservatives are unethical, intolerant, uncompassionate and don’t believe in equality is again a fabrication in his own mind that he clings to as justification to call all conservatives racists, homophobes, misogynists, Nazis, etc. And he is not alone. Jim is in a group of Americans that truly believe they have the moral authority to dictate to the rest of us how we should think, act and contribute for the “greater good” of this country and if we don’t, the name calling will continue.

Moving on to Jim’s second paragraph where he again reiterates his claim that the economy is due to Obama’s pulling us out of the worst recession since 1929. Jim did you even read my last letter or did you not want to confuse the issues with facts? Despite your usual omissions of source data, I was able to find where your 11.3 million jobs added under President Obama’s term came from. In January 2009 when President Obama took office 134,055,000 US citizens were employed and in January 1017 when he left office 145,696,000 were employed for an increase of 11,641,000. So, I agree with you. That was over 8 years so on average 11,641,000/8 = 1,455,125 jobs were created per year. The current employed number as of this month according to the same data source is 149,750,000. So, an increase of 149,750,000-145,969,000 = 4,054,000 over the last 1.75 years has an average increase of 4,054,000/1.75 = 2,316,571 per year. Again, the numbers don’t lie. Jim if you have some definitive evidence that Obama’s actions while in office created this economic boom for the US economy please share it. If your source is President Obama on the stump for Democrats claiming that he created this economy please consider the source. He also claimed when Obamacare was passed that the average family would save $2500/year, if you liked your plan you could keep it and if you liked your doctor you could keep them also. It absolutely astounds me how those on the left accuse president Trump of lying every time his lips move and ignore the whoppers of the previous administration.

Getting to the final paragraph in that letter I had to ponder its purpose and then its value. As a reminder it was a short diatribe claiming the Republican party abuses power and should be razed to the ground. It was written by Max Boot. I never heard of the guy so I did a quick web search and he is as Jim said a military historian and conservative pundit. Here is a link to his Wikipedia page. Interesting guy to say the least. Born in Moscow in 1969 to Russian Jews and fled to the USA in 1976. He was educated at UC Berkeley and Yale university. He is more of a centrist than conservative. In this article Max rails on both President Trump and Bernie Sanders in the same article. Why Jim chose him as someone to quote is a little puzzling but I suspect it’s to imply that he (Jim) shares the same views as another highly educated individual therefore his point of view is the only correct way to look at things. If that is the case Jim is also against Medicare for all (i.e. Berniecare) since Max Boot thought that it would be a financial disaster in the same article and provided numbers to support his view. It actually read like something I would have written except he omitted his source data.

I’ll close this letter with a final thought. The crux of most letters in the LDS from the left is that those of us on right are heartless, cruel, selfish, racists. It is a tactic to avoid debating the real challenges this country is facing. Specifically, illegal immigration, out of control government spending, health care, drugs, crime and corruption in politics. I know a lot of Democrats and Republicans and they have more in common than people think. In my experience both parties are caring concerned citizens. The biggest difference I find is that Democrats “for the most part” make decisions based on rhetoric and Republicans make decisions based upon results. I think that President Obama was an eloquent orator with poor international diplomacy and oversaw a lackluster domestic economy; whereas, President Trump is a blunt speaker that is holding other countries accountable and producing excellent economic results. Finally, with over 90% of the media stories on Trump saying he’s a mentally unstable, Nazi, racist I find it rich that in the same breath they say he’s the source of all the hate in this country. Think about that. God bless you and God bless America.

Bruce Jenket


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Another thing, Bruce. I have never lost a debate and I can only remember getting my facts wrong in the Sun once so if you want a debate, friend me on FB. I will not waste a weekly letter on you. Yer a Trumpist


Bruce, if you want a real debate, friend me on facebook and we can do this on messenger. I will not waste a weekly letter on you Trump licking dribble


Another republican in total denial.


another blah blah blah letter by a Trumpenfuhrer sycophant

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