To The Daily Sun,

I am Robert Yanity and I am a candidate for the board of Selectmen in Tilton. I want to let you all know that there is a virtual meeting on Wed. Feb. 24 at 7 p.m.You can go to or use your smartphone tablet or computer to view the candidates and listen to what they have to say. Also you can use your phone toll-free 1-866-899-4679, access code 817 026 717. Or, if need be, call the Town of Tilton at 603-286-4521.

I am asking for your vote so I can bring a fresh approach to the board where I feel changes are necessary. I want to bring honesty, respect and trust to the board, which will reflect on the other committees in Tilton. I want to bring the community along with the police and fire departments the ability to bring their concerns to the board and know that they will be addressed in a respectful manner. To get our community involved is what I want to see happen. We need to rejuvenate our downtown area where businesses will be interested in coming in and will be an asset to our community.

Open discussions at meetings are a must. Hearing what has to be said, addressing the issue, and possibly answering it then or later, but when a reply is available it will be understood how the decision was made.

Please try to attend the candidate's forum, listen and then make your decision about who you feel will make a much-needed change to the board and also to the candidates for the other committees.

Thank you I hope to get your vote.

Robert Yanity


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