To The Daily Sun,

For all you who pay property tax, especially around the lake, or already have a sewer connection you should pay close attention to the costs coming your way if the town of Bristol gets the sewer grant. Bristol is pushing a 20 million ($20,000,000) sewer-line project to the lake area for about 500 new connections and this is only one phase out of many more to finish the project.

All properties will automatically pay an additional .85 cents per thousand, or $340 a year for 30 years, on a property worth $400,000. If the sewer line runs past your property you will pay an additional $610 per year for 30 years; this is your betterment fee (your property is already worth more). If you connect to the new sewer line, you will pay about $350 per year; this is your user fee. Next, all current sewer users and new users will pay an additional $150 per year; this is an extra user fee/taxation.

Lastly, for those lucky enough to connect, it was said at Town Meeting that you will pay between $7,000 to $10,000 just for the grinder pump (most properties must have a grinder pump to push the sewerage to the street), plus the cost of running the pipe from the street to your house and electricity for the pump and you will also have the burden of maintaining all this too.

Summary of the above:

— Property owner taxation with no sewer hook-up or line running by property = $340

— Property owner taxation for those who already have sewer lines, additional annual cost ($340+$150=$490)

— Property owner taxation with new sewer line but do not hook-up, annual cost ($340+$610=$950)

— New property sewer line annual cost that must hook-up ($340+$610+$350+$150+Electricity=$1,450)

— Estimated one-time excavation cost to hook-up including grinder pump = $10,000 to $13,000

Here are some additional facts about Newfound Lake. Water in the lake comes from the north and exits south. There are two rivers that run into the lake and plenty of water runoff that pours into the lake. The lake has 22 miles of shoreline, of which Bristol plans to supply sewer lines to about three miles. The towns of Alexandria, Bridgewater and Hebron do not have any town sewerage plant, yet they are all north of Bristol and own the balance of shoreline.

Oh, BTW, this article passed at March 2019 Town Meeting by one vote.

John Sellers


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