To The Daily Sun,

As a small business owner, I am writing this letter because we need to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $12 an hour in New Hampshire. While Democrats have been working for years to increase the minimum wage, Gov. Sununu has twice vetoed legislation that would do just that. Other surrounding states have already adjusted their state minimum wage rates – in Massachusetts the minimum wage is $13.50, in Maine it’s $12.15 and in Vermont $11.75. But New Hampshire continues to be an outlier because our governor and Republicans in the State House refuse to give Granite Staters a living wage.

This wage increase is supported by our Democratic congressional delegation, including our two senators, Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, both of whom were Granite State governors and understand the positive impact a wage increase would have on New Hampshire’s economy.

I encourage our governor to move on to this minimum wage increase which would help workers. He must act as soon as possible to relieve the burden our New Hampshire citizens face, especially during this stressful recovery time. Unfortunately, because of Sununu’s track record of vetoing minimum wage, the only solution might be ensuring that we have Democratic majorities and a Democratic governor in Concord.

Natalie Kelley


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Dan McGuire

Perhaps Ms.Kelley should move her business to one of those other more enlightened states she mentions whose policies are more to her liking. Clearly their economies must be running rings around ours due to that kind of forward thinking. The good news is that for some weird reason our real estate market is smoking hot so she can get a great price for her house.

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