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If America is systemically racist, why have millions of Blacks from Africa and the Caribbean come here? Slavery ended 150 years ago. Is it reasonable to assume they came here of their own free will? Why would these Blacks want to move from all-Black societies to a white-dominated, racist one?

Are Blacks unable to recognize they are unnecessarily putting themselves in danger? Ask a Black person who immigrated why they decided to leave a Black country for America? Ask them why they chose to come to a place founded by racists to perpetuate racism? Ask them why they came to a place built on and sustained by racism?

Ask them if they recognize that to this day America is composed largely of whites? Ask them if every white is racist? Ask them how many white supremacists they’ve encountered? Ask them about their experience in America? Ask them if they believe America remains systemically racist?

Why aren’t leftists doing everything they can to dissuade Blacks in Africa and the Caribbean from coming to America? If America really is racist and leftists really care about Blacks, then why aren't they regularly visiting African and Caribbean countries to warn them away from the Black-hating country they are thinking of emigrating to? Isn’t that logical and consistent?

Could it be they do not believe what they say about America? Could it be the leftists don’t believe their own lies? It is difficult to tell a lie convincingly unless you believe it. Therein lies an insight. Leftists profess to believe that men menstruate and give birth. They profess to believe William Shakespeare and Ludwig van Beethoven should not be recognized as great because they are white. The list of leftist believed falsehoods is endless . . .

Truth has never been a leftist value. Truth is a liberal value. It is a conservative value. But to the left truth is nothing more than whatever the left says it is at any given moment. The left’s truth today is America is a systemically racist country. All whites are racist. This is simply a lie.

But here’s the thing: Vast numbers of Blacks yearn to come to America. They come because they have not been influenced by the left’s truth. They come because they have been influenced by actual truth. You see the truth is, America is the least racist multi-ethnic, multi-racial country in world history. No brag, just fact.

Any Black person seeking to improve his life and that of his family has a better chance of doing so in America than anywhere else. Check this out: within one generation of immigrating to America, Blacks from sub-Saharan African countries attain higher levels of educational achievement than the U.S. population as a whole. They are more likely to have earned a degree in science, technology, engineering, or math. Look it up at Pew Research. It isn’t Africans who are foolish. They come for the opportunity and freedom.

Marc Abear


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This opinion is a very real example of what systemic racism looks like today. The fact that the author does not recognize it as such has made me painfully aware of just how far we have to go.


Notice the comments that are allowed, and those that we see on facebook that aren't printed. Notice the stance that the comments take, even though they don't offer anything for an argument, just basic "nuh uh"s . . . nonsensical and irrelevant opinions. Herd mentality. People have terrible lives, let's pick up our things and move somewhere where we are "hated" - the opportunity our country provides is a selling point. The racism that is derived by desperate individuals intent on downing the strength of minorities is nothing but a propaganda machine. Speaking of the propaganda machine, let's see if this comment will make it. Certainly the admin doesn't approve of the dissent they don't agree with.


This argument is an over-simplification. There are many reasons people would move to this country despite the racism that exists. It's also ironic how the author scoffs at the notion of prevalent racism while referring to black people as "blacks" and presuming to lump them all together and speak to their motives and experiences.


Completely agree with you - I was going to say something very similar! Apparently, the author doesn't realize how bad it really is in some of these places! People aren't leaving a lush paradise to come here. And trying to use this argument as proof that there isn't racism in this country just seems a bit... desperate!


Considering the non-argument you're making, desperate to make racism a continuing thing seems a bit predatory towards your minority neighbors. Just remember folks, lefties like this think you'll never be able to make it, because you are you!


sounds like you don't have an argument. People from away are escaping crummy situations to come to a . . . crummy situation? The country is one where anyone can make it if they try. Though, you'll never get anywhere if all you do is cry.

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