To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mo Baxley's letter in the Nov. 2 Sun: Just another mindless shill for puppet-master Andrew Hosmer. If Baxley had any brains, she would know that these allegations against me, Robert Fisher, and Richard Littlefield are pure fabricated, contorted, garbage. But Baxley doesn't have the intellectual honesty or capability of confronting the reality that she might be fighting the wrong fight on the wrong team. The reality is, the rest of us are working, contributing to the economy and society while these mindless Democrats are completely consumed by the one thing they might be good at: lying and hypocrisy. For the party of "civility" and "community" and "respectful discourse," Baxley sure is angry... Fortunately, most people can see the truth beneath the angry face. For me, I never promised civility or respectful discourse. I am just honest, no matter how it makes Mo feel.

Joshua Youssef


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Wow. Just look at the right. They have hissy fits, meltdowns, and raging blowups everywhete they show up. Get real


You don't have the intellectual capacity to lecture anyone, and I doubt you know what an honest days work feels like, just spewing out BS.

Sean Kavanagh

Methinks Mr. Yousef doth protest too much. That's Shakespeare, Josh. He is quite clear, while angrily disparaging Ms. Baxley, that is himself, is in fact angry. And that he has no intention of being civil or respectful. It is a shame that so many on the right have become radicalized and show no interest in respectful, evidence-based exchange of perspectives that is the bedrock of our democracy. Ms. Baxley simply outlined facts. Without rancor or judgement. So that the readers/voters can make informed decisions. Let's run this democracy like a democracy. We are not, yet, a dictatorship.

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