To The Daily Sun,

I am writing about the New Hampshire community college on Prescott Hill. I have had two employees registered and scheduled to take their CNC Machining Bootcamp class for two months, which was to start June 22. Less than 24 hours prior to the start time, it gets canceled — supposedly due to "lack of interest." Hello — I had two people that were very interested. Does anyone look in the help wanted section in this paper? There are constantly ads for machinist positions listed. No interest? Could it be that there was actually no interest by this government-run entity in doing its job? Honestly, though, I am actually not that surprised in this most recent letdown, as I have long held this operation with contempt. I had a confrontation with one of their illustrious instructors up at the Berlin Tech welding program some years back, for which he ended up having to make a written apology to a former student. My son attended the Manchester welding course, and it was obviously designed to stretch what should have been a six month program into two years. During this most recent experience, we have been attempting to communicate with the so-called instructor for questions and information in order to send our people as well prepared students. He was repeatedly unavailable or slow to reply. Sadly, it ended up seeming to be the stereotypical government worker experience. No doubt that he gets paid whether the class runs or not, so he probably could care less. Perhaps rather than having a recent article here in the paper about the retiring head of this operation and her "accomplishments," they could have put out the call for additional students? They claim to exist to serve students and the business community. Of course, they only end up serving themselves.

Doug Lambert


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