To The Daily Sun,

I am a concerned parent with three children in the Laconia school systems. Today, Tuesday, Nov. 16, at 5 p.m. a protest will take place on Harvard Street in Laconia. I am writing to make the public aware that this protest is in no way to split the town apart or cause any issues with those who may not agree with it.

However, it most definitely is to make everyone aware that the actions being held by the school board are very one sided, unconstitutional and respectfully not in the best interests of the children in the schools. Myself and other parents wish for our kids to have a normal day of school again, a normal sneeze or cough without being forced out of school for weeks or even months. To have the choice to wear a mask at school and not be forced to try and breath with an obstructed airway. To not have a vaccine pushed in schools, and certainly not to hold COVID-19 vaccine clinics on school property when there are plenty of other options to get vaccinated. Parents who wish do get their kid vaccinated can go to the doctors that see their kids yearly, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and other locations. Most definitely under the circumstances where the school will not take liability for any negative side effects or anything negative at all coming from hosting these clinics. Just recently a school nurse accidentally vaccinated the wrong student at a COVID clinic at Dowell Elementary in Lusby, Maryland, he was 6-years-old, I'm not OK with a mistake like that happening and neither should you be. How about the schools get back to educating the children not medicating them. No more forced masks or quarantines, they deserve the freedom to choose. Let the parents parent and the kids be kids.

Brianna Clark-Patten


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