To The Daily Sun,

By all means, shove that sweaty dirty mask off your chin and up over your nose. Grab that mask from your purse, pants pocket, between the seats, in the car door or hanging off one ear and slap those elastics over your ears. You can’t get in the store without it on and you certainly don’t want someone screaming in your face “shame on you.” No matter that cloth mask hasn’t been machine washed in hot water since you began wearing it a week ago, dried in a dryer after each use as recommended or discarded after a single use if it’s meant to be disposable. No matter you didn’t at least sanitize your hands before putting in on or taking it off per CDC recommendations. No matter that by now it perfectly useless in protecting anyone from anything. You’ve worn it enough that by now it’s nice and soft, it’s your favorite, it perfectly matches your outfit, jacket or purse and it makes everyone feel safe.

Good luck with all that.

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor

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