While practicing social distancing . . .

How do you spend your time?

Throughout this process, we’ve tried hard to focus on the positives. The biggest one by far, is the increase in family play time. Losing our child care was tough with triplet toddlers, but my schedule is somewhat flexible and my wife was lucky enough to begin working remotely in mid-March. We juggle arts, crafts, and adventures in nature with conference calls, Zoom meetings, and emails.

What are you reading?

As much news as possible. In addition to the national news, I think staying up to date on what’s happening in the immediate area through local papers is so helpful to making smart decisions for daily life.

What are you listening to?

Podcasts when time allows, specifically I love how 'The Daily' is chronicling how different aspects of American life are being impacted. Mostly, we listen to the 'Frozen' soundtrack.

What are you watching on TV?

I think it’s important to understand different perspectives on how to handle this. I jump between Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and Tucker Carlson on Fox News. When I want to escape, the ESPN docuseries 'The Last Dance' helps get my sports fix, and Netflix dramas like 'Ozark' help remind us that things could be a lot worse. Of course, Disney Plus is a staple.

What did you cook for dinner last night?

My wife is an amazing cook, so I’m spoiled. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with gourmet tacos and margaritas.

What have you discovered that’s new to you?

I’ve discovered how critical contact with family and friends is to my happiness. While it used to flow easily in daily life, we now schedule Zoom meetings and FaceTime among family and friendship groups. I can’t wait to see them in person again, but I also hope the connections we’re strengthening through these never fade.

How has this pandemic changed your life?

In most ways, it hasn’t changed much aside from my own perspective on the world. I have discovered how incredibly thoughtful our neighbors are. Since we don’t leave the house much, it’s really great to feel the care and comfort of those we share our surrounding space with.

How has it changed your priorities in life?

I find myself more grateful for the life I have. My home and yard, my job and coworkers, and especially my family and the love we share. All the other stuff can fade away into hiding, and I still have what I need to be happy and feel fulfilled.

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