Top 10, Class of 2019

The top 10 graduating seniors of Laconia High School's Class of 2019, crouching, left to right: Zoran Boskovic, Renee Corriveau, Kaitlyn Brooks, Jason Sandifer. Standing: Bryden Wright, Kayleigh Thoroughgood, Jennifer Bateman, Gabrijela Djuric, Ryan Paiva, Jacob Miner. (Adam Drapcho/The Laconia Daily Sun)

LACONIA — Medicine, engineering, business, law, film — these are some of the industries that stand to benefit from Laconia High School’s top 10 students.

The No. 1 student in the senior class is Kaitlyn Brooks, a competitive gymnast who skis and plays volleyball and lacrosse.

She’ll be going to Sacred Heart University, where she plans to study nursing.

“I really like working with children and I want to go into pediatric nursing,” she said in an interview. “I might work a few years and then get a master’s degree and become a nurse practitioner.”

Like other top students at the high school, she is involved in numerous extracurricular activities. She’s president of the student council and is involved with Stand Up Sachems and the National Honor Society.

Brooks is looking forward to attending the picturesque university in Fairfield, Connecticut, but elements of her pending graduation are also bittersweet.

“I really enjoyed being here,” said Brooks, who has been in the school district since elementary school. “I’m going to miss it a lot.”

Three other members of the top 10 also want to go into the medical field.

Zoran Boskovic is going into an accelerated two-year degree program at NHTI that will qualify him to provide radiation therapy.

“I love medicine and want to practice medicine for the rest of my life,” said Boskovic, who is on student council and participates in soccer, basketball and track. “Radiation therapy gives you a one-on-one with the patient that no other job in the field has. You see the patient five days a week for up to eight weeks, trying to eliminate the tumor.”

Gabrijela Djuric will be studying neuroscience at the University of Vermont.

“I’m just excited for whatever is to come,” she said. “I used to want to be a neurosurgeon, but now I want to focus more on the research aspect. There are so many things we don’t know.”

She likes to solve problems, but calculus was a challenge at first. With the help of a teacher, she succeeded in a difficult class.

“I found math as a way to really push myself to succeed and math is the most satisfying thing I can do. Once I get the feel of it and get the answer, it is so rewarding.

Ryan Paiva, a basketball player who had shoulder surgery last week, is well-acquainted with physical therapy, and that’s the field he would like to pursue. He’ll also be going to the University of Vermont.

He’s doing an internship at Granite State Physical Therapy, where Kaitlyn Brooks’ father, Joshua Brooks, is a physical therapist.

“I dislocated my shoulder twice during the basketball season and have had to rehabilitate from injuries before,” he said. “I’d like to pursue exercise science.”

He is looking forward to college life.

“I toured the campus,” he said. “The dorms seem really nice, super laid back and chill and I like that.”

Two of the top 10 want to pursue legal careers.

Bryden Wright said that before law school, he will study history and philosophy at Dartmouth College.

He likes the academic variety that college will offer.

“I like that I can take control of my education more,” he said. “There will be a much broader course selection. I’ve tried to take advantage of what LHS has to offer, but it’s nice that there will be hundreds of courses I can choose from.”

Kayleigh Thoroughgood, who is interning at the county attorney’s office, got interested in becoming a lawyer from watching legal dramas. She’ll be going to Saint Anselm College as an undergrad and then plans to attend the University of New Hampshire School of Law.

Two students in the top 10 want to work in film production.

Renee Corriveau is excited about attending the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia and says she’s “counting the days” until college life begins.

“It’s in a historic town with cobblestone streets,” she said. “It’s beautiful.”

She is in the digital media arts program at the Huot Career and Technical Center, where she has participated in making short films.

“It takes a ton of people to make a movie and if you can get your foot in the door, you can work your way up,” she said.

Jennifer Bateman, who will be attending Clarkson University in upstate New York, is involved in the same Huot program and wants to be involved in film. She also likes English.

“I love writing and the creative aspect of being able to tell a story,” she said.

Business and engineering are attractive to two students in the top 10.

Jason Sandifer plans to study sports management at Plymouth State University.

He is a soccer and basketball player.

“I like sports and I’ve been studying business and I’m pretty good at math, so I figured I might as well go for something I enjoy,” he said. “My ultimate goal is to manage a professional sports team.”

Jacob Miner has enjoyed science, technology, engineering and math curriculum, so his choice is clear.

“STEM classes really got me to like engineering, so I’m going to go to Wentworth and I want to be a mechanical engineer,” he said.

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